What to Do On a First Date with a Guy at the Movies

If you have got a first date to the movies with a guy you are in luck, so do not be stressed out here are some tips on what to do.

First, you need to show up early to the movies. It is respectful and it will give you enough time to look for good seats at the movie theater. If your date is running late exercising patience will come in handy. Just go to the nearby coffee shop as you wait. Please, do not spoil the mood by scolding your date but then again if they are more than 30 minutes late it is rude. This will tell you a few things about your date though, seems they lack consideration and / or they are poor planners. This means that you will not scold them but you will not keep silent either. Ask them why they were late and just let them know you are not happy about it.

Second, if it is appropriate say hi and hug your date. Then at this point throw in a casual compliment like ‘you look nice’. This is a wholesome compliment which will show your date at least you acknowledged their effort to dress up. Avoid specified compliments lie ‘I like your shoes’, this will spoil the mood and the compliments will be direct to the designer not your date.

Third, carefully pick out a good movie. If your date is man enough he will let you pick out a movie unless you decline and ask him to pick his choice. When choosing a romantic comedy you need to know that it is intimate and encourages kissing which is cute but too much for a first date. A comedy movie is a recommended choice especially if you have been friends for a while and you want to move to the next step, romance. Horror movies are described as great for the first date because both of you are scared you will snuggle together and break the touch barrier easily. As you pick out a movie put into consideration your personal preferences, the ratings and reviews.

Fourth, while watching you will want something to eat but how do you know what to eat? A hotdog might give you bad breath and popcorn will get stuck between the teeth. Get junior mints instead they aren’t sticky nor stinky especially if you hope to get a kiss later.

Five, it is the digital social media age and you just can’t get your eyes of your phone in the movies. Do not text or chat during the movie even when your date seems fine with it.

Six, it gets to that point that you want to initiate physical contact. So where do you start? The best point to start is by holding hands but your hands should not be cold or sweaty but it should be dry and warm. The first date is a bit tricky because other couples around you are making out and if you put your arm around your date they might think you want to make out. If you are comfortable going this far just do but stick to what you are comfortable with.

Lastly, after the movie is over you can make an easy conversation about it and move the conversation to a personal note.

How do you make the first movie date successful?

The first date has to be memorable and you have to make it happen.

a. Look your best by taking a shower and wearing light cologne and do not overdo it. Wear your best spotlessly clean clothes, do not look sloppy and have a clean look.

b. Compliment your date on their looks without overdoing it.

c. Act nice around your date.

d. Offer the lady the pleasure of picking out the movie and movie you will watch at the same time as a lady you have to know too well about the movies.

e. As a man offer to pay for your tickets but if the lady offers to pay just ask if she is sure, then let her just pay. If you are to pay for the tickets avoid looking cheap, do not pay with one dollar bills make a grand total pay.

f. Keep inquiring if the movie is entertaining.

g. Discuss the end of the movie; probably what you expected to happen and it didn’t happen. It is interesting to go out for a movie date for a first date.