What to do when Weather Ruins Your Hair?

The weather can put a total damper on your hairdo. Here’s some tips to avoid the frizz and beat the humidity.

1. Tie it back. When humidity hits or a rainstorm comes out of nowhere and ruins your hair, the most obvious option is to tie it back. Pull it into a tight pony or a messy bun. Always have a clip or a hair tie on hand to keep your locks in line. If your frizz cannot be tamed by simply pulling it back, carry a headband too. Use a headband to keep those wispy bangs or unruly fringe in order.

2. Wear a hat. Hats are so in these days! Cover up your messed up hair with a cute fedora or a floppy hat. You’ll look like Carrie from Sex and the City, a total trendsetter without even trying. Any bad hair day can be mended by throwing on an awesome hat. You new look will look effortlessly cool and no one will know that your hat is just for covering up your frizz.

3. Slick it. If you think the weather is gonna mess up your do, carry some Moroccan oil or pomade to apply to your hair when it starts to puff up. A few quick spritzes can save your hairdo from a whole day of humidity. Be careful not to overdo it though or your hair will look dirty and greasy.

4. Rain-proof your hair. Be prepared. If the forecast is bad, sleep on dry hair and don’t shower in the morning. In the morning, spray your hair with a small amount of water and a coin-sized dot of anti-frizz cream to your locks. This will keep any additional moisture out and keep the style in.

5. Work it! Frizz or no frizz, you’re beautiful. If the rain screws up your look, rock it anyway. Your outfit is awesome; your shoes are on point, and your accessories look amazing- a little bit of poof won’t ruin that! A little bit of frizz can give you that cool I-don’t-care-I-just-rolled-out-of-bed kind of look that’s so in these days.

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