What to Do When your Man starts taking you For Granted

man taking you for granted

You’re beautiful, smart, kind and awesome but your man stopped noticing. You’re talented and attentive and it seems like he doesn’t appreciate it anymore. It’s annoying when your man doesn’t show you just how much you mean to him. Here’s how you get him to remember how lucky he is to have you:

Talk it out. Just confront him about it. Tell him how you feel and listen to how he feels. The issue may resolve itself. Maybe he’s really stressed at work or maybe he didn’t even realize he wasn’t appreciating you. Sit down and have a serious talk, it may bring the two of you closer than ever.

Show him. Do something extravagant to show how much you appreciate him and hopefully he’ll reciprocate. Cook his favorite dinner and set the table really fancy. Maybe put on some super sexy lingerie in bed to remind him just how hot you are. A grand gesture may be a shock to his system and help him remember why you’re the greatest.

Spend some time with the girls.  If you usually spend weekends with your guy, mix it up and go out with the girls. He may feel jealous that your attention is on someone else and try to win you over. The idea of you dressed up all sexy and going out dancing with the girls, maybe accepting a few drinks from another guy will drive him crazy. Plus, who doesn’t love a girls night out?

Hang with the guys. Is your guy doesn’t want to do thing with you that you like to do, ask one of your totally platonic guy friends to do it with you. Is there a concert you’re dying to see but your man isn’t into it? Does he refuse to hit the gym with you because he’d rather watch the game? Grab a good guy friend to do this stuff with. He’ll be crazy jealous and hopefully pay more attention to you.

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Keep a secret. If you get a promotion at work or hit some kind of exciting milestone in your life, don’t tell him right away. Tell your friends and family first. A few days later casually bring it up to your man. He’ll probably be surprised that you didn’t tell him sooner. Play it off with a “I didn’t think you’d really care.” This could jolt him and make him see that he’s been ignoring you.

Stay busy. Do what you love. Start painting again, read a book, train for a marathon. Do whatever you like to do! Show you man that you can fill your life with meaning and purpose without him.

Break it off. If you do all these things and your guy still seems disinterested, maybe it’s time for you to call it quits on the relationship and find a guy who does appreciate you.