What to Know Before Getting a Nose Piercing?

Getting a nose piercing comes with a lot of responsibility. If you are considering getting a nose ring then you may be wondering what to expect. Knowing what to expect can certainly help you to weigh the pros and cons, it is after all going to be sitting on your face.

One thing you can expect is that not everyone will love it. Make sure it is something you really want, and that it is o with whatever dress codes you may be required to adhere to.

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The Piercing

Make sure that you are utilizing the services of a professional piercing artist. Sterilization, gloves, cleanliness etc. is all huge deals. Ask a lot of questions and do your homework. The last thing you need is a disease or an infection in your face!

The actual piercing process can vary from facility to facility. Most places will take advantage of the needle method. The piercing artist will clean inside and outside your nose before puncturing it, and if they don’t then stop the process right there. The area must be disinfected before an open wound is generated in the area, and the nose has a lot of bacteria naturally involved. Anyways, after disinfecting a mark will be placed where the ring, stud or hoop will be placed.

Hoop Piercings

If you have decided on a hoop piercing then you should get the initial piercing made with a small hoop rather than a stud. If this is the process you really want then before the piercing after the mark the hoop will be temporarily placed on the nose to assure placement is perfect for the individual.

About Studs

Deciding on a stud is ok, but understand that there have been many reports where studs have had to be lanced out after becoming stuck. This is not common with hoops, so maybe a small hoop is better for piercing even if later you want to switch to a stud after your piercing had healed. Hoops also are much easier to rotate and clean that studs are.

More on Getting Pierced

Now that we are clear on the lesser of two evils concerning the hoop vs. stud issue, let’s get back to the piercing process. Once the actual placement has been verified a hollowed tube will be out in your nose. This will offer a rigid surface allowing the needle to do its job much painlessly and far more effectively, plus it will allow the needle to have a path preventing the inside of the nose from being pierced as well. After the tube has been appropriately placed the needle will be used to quickly pierce the area being brought through the tube and your ring will follow it. There will be a tugging sensation at this point in the process. Sometimes blood or swelling is a factor and sometimes it is not; it all depends on the individual.

Does it Hurt?

The piercing won’t hurt, but recovery is a little more painful. It is compared to having the ear cartridges pierced. If that has never been experiences, then yes, there will be moderate discomfort in the days following the piercing. It will subside, and it is normal.

Keep it Clean!

Be diligent in keeping your hands and the piercing clean. Cleaning it about twice a day is sufficient. Make sure you clean it inside and out. If you don’t clean it then expect to get an infection. Make a rule that id you are not cleaning it to keep your hands off of it. Love your life and express yourself, but always do it responsibly.