What You Should Consider Before You Sext

So you’re talking to this guy and things are getting pretty hot. You think you wanna send a pic and show some skin or maybe he asks for one. It seems pretty harmless but there are a few thing you should consider before hitting send.

The biggest and most important question is: do you trust him?

If the answer is no, don’t send it of course! But trust isn’t always black and white. Maybe you have been seeing this guy for a few months and you trust him for now but who knows, you may break up someday and he’d still have those photos. Maybe this guy is a good friend of yours who you trust but you know he has a big mouth and might show a few of his friends. Make sure the answer to “do you trust him?” is a total and sincere yes before you snap any pictures.

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Consider the possibility of the pictures being seen by someone else. Is you’re sending the photos to your husband; chances are no one will see them. If you send them to some guy you met on Tinder who lives 300 miles away, he may show them to people, but no one you know. If you send them to a friend of a friend who you’ve been off and on casually dating, there’s a greater chance that someone other than the intended recipient will see them. You must consider your potential audience.

When in doubt, play it safe! You might be more comfortable sending your guy a pic of you in a bikini. Still super hot, but not as revealing as a nude photo. If you want to send a nude photo, consider sending a picture that doesn’t include your face or any identifying bodily feature like a birthmark. This technique can allow you to send racy pictures with less of a chance that you could be identified if the pictures were ever shared.

Another question to consider: are you comfortable with this?

Just because you trust a guy and there’s no way to confirm your identity from the picture does not force you to send pictures. You could be in a very healthy 25 year marriage and just not feel comfortable sharing naked pictures of yourself with your husband. And that’s totally fine! You could also meet a guy online, feel really connected instantly and feel comfortable exchanging nude pictures. And that’s okay too! Choosing to send or not send pictures doesn’t make you a slut or a prude. Everyone’s comfort zone is different and it’s important to be honest with yourself before you send pictures that cannot be retrieved.

And if you choose to take the pictures and send them, delete them from your phone as soon as they’re sent. Those pictures are for your guy’s eyes only and heaven forbid you lose your phone in a public place. Who know who may see them!  So when it comes to sexting be careful, be comfortable and have fun!