What Your Man Really Thinks About The Taste And Smell Of Your Vagina?

Just imagine when you are at that intimate moment and your man goes down all the way will he be like ‘wow’ or will he, look for an excuse to get out of there. How you smell down there can be a turn on or a turn off. The vagina can be described as a self-cleansing organ which functions healthy but its smell changes from normal to bad meaning something is wrong like the presence of an infection. When a woman is aroused there is the release of a unique scent or pheromones which simulate one sexually. The taste of the vagina is really the taste of fluids in it. It is not sour but can be astringent because it is acidic. However, the smell varies to almost a metallic taste or odor because of the levels of the PH, making the smells to vary from one person to another.

Some men claim that the vagina smells differently during different times of the month and day and what a woman is wearing. Most of them like the smell of natural freshness after a shower but they are times they smell the hormones that a woman wants to have sex.

Some men claim the smell of a vagina has been a deal breaker for them. They can call off relationships just because of the unpleasant smell. Some men think it’s about how hygienic a lady is but for others it is their natural secretions smell.

Others claim that women smell like rotten fish while others smell tart like pineapple or tropical fruit from a clean and healthy person. Men say however it should be so from both sides the secretions should smell good.

Most men will hate a too perfumed vagina because it alarms them that you are covering up something. So perfume is a turn off because it is a red flag for them that something is wrong.

Some men have a very incredible sense of smell. They can catch the scent of the secretions which change when a woman is turned on and this arouses them as they feel proud they have managed to get turned on.

Can you make your vagina smell and taste good?

  1. Good hygiene should be practiced. Wash regularly to smell good. Every individual is different and some need to wash often than others, this is to combat the bacteria build up which causes bad odor. Also, the vagina is sensitive and the correct soaps should be used to wash it. Heavily perfumed bath soaps may contain antibacterial properties or unnatural ingredients which will cause an imbalance to the body. If possible use fragrance-free soaps. Incorrect wiping after using the toilet leads to infections, you should wipe from front to back and be thorough. The vaginal area can get infected or an overgrowth of bacteria can be experienced. Always wear freshly clean underwear which fits correctly. Your underwear should be made of the right fabric which will allow air in and out such as cotton underwear.
  2. There are quick solutions to keep your vagina smelling nice such as using a perfume which smells musky. Musky smells are associated with sex so sandalwood or vanilla scents are considered as sexy smells. The perfume however, is not put too close to the vagina it should be on your thighs. It is very important you check on what you eat. The food you take affects the taste and smell of your vagina. Some foods alter your sugars and bacteria. A more practical example if you eat garlic your skin smells garlic for the next few days. It is recommended you eat fewer sugars to avoid yeast infections, eat pineapples though not proven people claim that it improves the smell and taste of the secretions from men and women; women should take yoghurt which is a healthy way to maintain a healthy vagina as it has natural occurring bacteria which occurs in the body.
  3. Understand the cause of the change of smell in your vagina.

Infections and diseases cause major changes in the vaginal odor. If the discharge from the vagina is green, brown or chunky it shows that there might be infections present and these cause an unusual odor of the vagina. The smell could change due to practicing some sexual practices. These practices can be a ground for infections such as practicing anal sex then proceeding to vaginal sex or use of objects or food as penetrating objects. If you must do these then use a condom and change it between activities.