What’s Really In Your Birth Control?

Birth Control pill

Ladies, what is in your birth control can be pretty scary! These are things many of us cannot even pronounce let alone know what it is all doing to out bodies. In breaking it down we will explore what is the best birth-control out there, and which ones you may want to shy away from all together.

Let’s face it, condoms are just no that great at protection alone. Note that they should be used regardless in the prevention of STD’s, but with birth control a little extra protection is definitely needed. After all, how many plan B’s can you really count on before it just becomes unacceptable?

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The advertising for birth control don’t tell you everything that you need to know. While there is a nice looking couple rushing off to play and emerging looking very satisfied there are no bylines telling you that there are a lot of risks associated with the products. Still, American culture is accepting that birth control is an acceptable if not necessary thing. Young women grow up in this environment many times not even questioning the methods they are using.

It is time to get down to the birth control basics!

According to obstetrician and gynecologist, Katharine O’Connell White, taking a pill daily when you are not sick is simply not in out human nature. The likelihood of missing a few is very real,. It is far more likely that you will get pregnant by missing the pill than not taking it at all. Missing the pill can also mess up your hormones and your cycles. Not to mention, it is only 97% effective.

Doctor White says that on the up side the pill will greatly reduce the risk (by up to 50%) of a woman getting ovarian cancer. And another 80% for uterine cancer. As far as breast cancer is concerned, some doctors feel the pill made the cancer develop faster. Studies have not confirmed this link, so it is unclear whether or not the pill has anything to do with breast cancer to the good or the bad. However, because of past cases, it is obvious that the longer you take the pill the more likely it will work in your favor in the process of preventing cancer.

The best type of pill to use overall are the monophasic pills. They work with your body, its normal cycle, your hormones and the like far better than the rest. They just seem overall healthier for the individual taking them. However, all women are different and everyone doesn’t respond the same way to all medications. What works for one may not work for the next.

Hormone based methods are not as healthy. Your body has to have a break from them sometimes, and inserts you have to worry whether or not they are in place properly all the time. It is a hassle and a risk. There are some side effects, but the pill is really the best. Side effects like weight gain or acne could vary from person to person. The IUD is the next best option, and the risks that are associated with it are rare at best.

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When it comes to the shot it can lead to weight gain and missed periods or even long term beading. You never know how Depo-Provera will affect you from one shot to the next. Long term use is being investigated in several illnesses that could be related to this method of birth control. Many of these are bone related.

There is no 100% safe sex, and the things that are in the birth control methods on the market today are incomprehensible to the average Joe or Jane. While abstinence is best, for the safest sex possible having one partner is important. Use condoms faithfully coupled with the pill. Also, find a way to be diligent in taking your pill on time everyday.