What’s wrong with being a daddy’s girl?

You’ve seen it on t-shirts, and loads of kids called it out in school. “Daddy’s girl.” But what does that really mean? Are you a daddy’s girl? Why did they say that like it’s a bad thing?

If you always start by asking Dad when you need money from your parents, you might be a daddy’s girl. If you tell your dad everything, you really probably are a daddy’s girl. If on family movie night you always want to watch the same thing Dad wants, you’re definitely a daddy’s girl.

So, what’s wrong with that?

Here are some angles to consider, from the very people who are most likely to feel threatened by your relationship with your dad.

Siblings – and even moms – can get jealous.

This kind of jealousy is especially ripe, because it goes flying in all directions. Your siblings might be jealous of the attention you get from your dad. Or, they might be jealous of the attention Dad gets from you—maybe they really needed a third for hide and seek, but you were too busy with pops.

If your extra attention comes in the form of gifts or bounty, siblings are bound to climb up the walls. You will know you are truly a daddy’s girl when you start getting gifts on siblings’ birthdays. But chin up—siblings are bound to compare, and are convinced they’re coming up short by default. Some of these complaints might just be sibling “par for the course.”

The really sad thing is that moms can get jealous, too. They just love you so much that it comes out differently. Your mom will be more likely to feel bad about how much more she thinks you like your dad than you like her.

Really, no one wants to think there’s favoritism around the house. Show your mom and siblings some love. And if they complain about all the awesome inside jokes you have with the old man, tell them they’re wasting time being jealous instead of thinking up better jokes to come to bat with.

Future boyfriends will never be good enough.

Your dad sure won’t think any man is good enough for you—and if your own standards are built around how cool and mature your dad is, you will be disappointed by just about everyone who comes knocking.

The dad of a daddy’s girl knows better than anyone how perfect his little princess is. He also has enough years of experience to know what most guys are after, and probably won’t want to let anyone near you. Even if he knows you really like a guy, it will still be hard for anyone to impress him quite enough.

What’s worse, your dad knows you so well that he’ll probably see flaws in a guy you wish he didn’t, and be able to tell you exactly why he’s not good enough for you.

Not every dad will be this choosy, though. With a big sigh, he may say goodbye to the old days and be happy for you in this new chapter. His little girl is growing up!

All the same, your own idea of what makes a good partner may have some too-big similarities with what you like most about your dad. Remember that the way a dad treats his daughter is more forgiving, patient and all-out full of love than how many of the same men treat their wives. Unless your partner will be caring for you like a father does his infant child, the relationships will always be fundamentally different.

Really, though – is there anything wrong with being a daddy’s girl? 

The first answer I have for you is, no. There’s nothing wrong with being a daddy’s girl. A lot of people will be jealous, and even more people won’t understand. The fact of the matter is that not everyone’s so lucky to have a good relationship with their dad. Heck, a lot of people don’t have ANY relationship with their dad.

There IS a second answer, too. If siblings, moms and future boyfriends just need to get with the program and understand that you and your dad have a million inside jokes, or that you tell him everything that ever happens to you, fine. But if being a daddy’s girl gets in the way of these other relationships, that’s where you might be in trouble.

“Daddy’s girl” jokes are in no short supply, and there are so many baby-smocks and print-screen tanks with the words smeared across them that it’s hard not to wonder if there’s actually something wrong with it. But I’m putting my money on, “They’re just jealous.”

For all those little-princesses out there, the benefit of having such a bomb relationship with your dad is not something you should have to give up. Just keep an eye on your other relationships, and make sure you don’t deliberately let someone else get hurt. And then polish the tiara and call it good.