Where Are My Damn Glasses?! Fights Only People Who Wear Glasses Understand

Can't find your glasses

Glasses, can’t live with them, can’t see without them.

  1. Finding the right frame for your face that won’t go out of style but is also super stylish.
  2. When you first start wearing glasses and everyone around you acts like you’ve changed something super huge about you. It’s the same face as before, just got some plastic frames on them now. Nothing to look at here.
  3. They have legs of their own. Seriously – how do they always get lost?
  4. Trying to lay on the couch and watch TV without your glasses getting crooked. It’s not like you can take them off, because then you can’t see the TV…. Or anything else for that matter.
  5. When your friends want to try on your glasses and you reluctantly give your sweet, precious babies to them and stand there blindly.
  6. Having people put their hands in your face when your glasses off expecting you to see some crazy figure instead when in reality all you see is a rude person’s blurry hand in your face.
  7. When you decide to switch to contacts and have to poke your eye every day.
  8. When your contact decides to abandon ship and pop out of your eye – welp, guess I’ll just be partially blind today, thanks contact.
  9. Having a permanent tan line on your face from your glasses.
  10. When you can’t find your glasses and have to go out in the real world. “What street is this? What’s that sign say?”
  11. Having to do extra work on your eye makeup so people can appreciate their beauty and your liquid eyeliner talent.
  12. The constant struggle of cleaning your glasses. How do they get so dirty so fast?
  13. When you wear something that isn’t made out of cotton and you literally can’t clean your glasses. Let’s be honest who actually keeps track of their cloth that comes with your new frames?
  14. In fact, where did that thing even go?
  15. Accidentally falling asleep with glasses on.
  16. Waking up and realizing you accidentally fell asleep with glasses on.
  17. Panicking because you fell asleep with your glasses on and now you can’t find them. Partially because they’re buried under covers, partially because you need them to see.
  18. When people can’t tell if you’re wearing glasses be you’re actually blind or if it’s just an accessory.
  19. Having to buy giant sunglasses that you can wear over your eye glasses.
  20. Or getting prescription sunglasses and forgetting to take them off when you get indoors.
  21. Carnival rides are basically a no-go. Except the Ferris wheel, glasses won’t fly off your face on the Ferris wheel.
  22. When you’re sweaty and your glasses keep slipping off your face.
  23. Wishing you had teeny tiny windshield wipers for your glasses every time it rains.
  24. Or when you drink a hot cup of coffee.
  25. People automatically assume you’re smart and have your life together. I mean, I do, but it has nothing to do with my glasses.
  26. Finding a Halloween costume that is sexy and doesn’t include being a teacher or librarian. Hey – not all librarians wear glasses.
  27. Seeing every makeover start with a girl taking off her glasses. But how is she going to see her new makeover if you take her glasses away. Give them back please.

Wearing glasses can be a pain sometimes, but you know you rock them more than those non-blind people who wear them as an accessory. Plus, you never had to wear those dorky chemistry goggles in class because your cute glasses already protected your eyes. Suck it chem geeks!