Which Is Which, Lemon Or Lime Juice Diet?

Lemon or Lime diet

Many a time’s people confuse these two fruits. To many, lime and lemon juice is one and the same thing. Even in a restaurant you might hear a client ordering, “Lemon water please” and the waiter retorting “Did you mean Lime water, Sir?” The answer couldn’t be any different from, “yes please”. The difference between these two is negligible from their physical outlay appearance where the lemons are yellow in color, bigger in size while limes are green in color and a smaller in size. Lemons are from the Citrus x Limon specie while limes are from Citrus x latifolia specie. The other difference between the two is the internal content values where one has higher than the other.

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We will cover these compositional content differences in detail after moment. This is because they are what will help you choose between which diet is best. For now, let us see their similarities.

  • They are both sour in taste
  • Both can be used as dietary supplements and be used to garnish meals due to their vast heath advantages
  • Both have mineral traces of copper, zinc, manganese and selenium
  • They fall in the same genus (Citrus), Oder (Sapindales), Subclass (Rosidae), Class (magnesiopsida), Division (Magnoliophyta) and Kingdom (Plantae).

The nutritional profiles of these two citric fruits vary as early mentioned. However, both have low calorie and fat levels. Here is a complete view of their profiles with samples of a hundred grams of one lemon and lime.

  • Calorie contents

Their calorie difference is minuet where a lemon carries 29 calories while lime takes 30. If you are on a rigorous diet, then one unit will make some difference so go for lemons.

  • Fat levels

Lemons are rich in 3 grams while limes have 2 grams. This equates to less than one calorie difference. Not so much a significant variation to make an impact.

  • Carbohydrates contents

A lemon has 9 grams of carbohydrates when lime has 10.5 grams making both relevant for carbohydrates reduction.

  • Fiber compositions

Both fruits have the same fiber content values. Fiber is very important in making one feel satisfied and aids in blood sugar regulation.

  • Proteins

Lemon has 1.1 grams while lime has 7 grams. This is good since protein ensures the body tissue’s adequately has integrity structure.

  • Mineral values

They both have minerals like earlier mentioned but lemon has higher contents of magnesium and potassium while lime has greater measures of calcium and phosphorus.

Depending on what you are looking to eliminate from your body, either lime or lemon can work just fine. Basically the best choice is using what has less in content of what you are fighting. Most people prefer lemons because they have less portions of what needs to be eliminated in the body.

Both the lime and lemon juice diets have to be followed to the later for them to work out well. Elimination of other junk and unhealthy foods should be done with exercise included.