Why Are Some Guys Intimidated By Successful Women

Women are more successful than ever. We are outperforming men in many job and industries and some guys, either consciously or unconsciously are not okay with that. You’ve seen it in all the rom-coms, the girl (tight ponytail and blazer) is an office powerhouse who’s too focused on her career to find a man. Most men who try to date her are intimidated by her and that’s why she’s single. But suddenly a man comes into her life and shows her that things outside of work can make her happy. That’s the dream, right? Maybe not. Many women these days are perfectly happy being single and find their career extremely fulfilling. Not every woman with a job is waiting for her Prince Charming and some men are having trouble accepting that.

It’s unrealistic to generalize an entire gender and say that all men are intimidated by powerful women because frankly, that isn’t true. Many men are the biggest cheerleaders for their powerful, wives, girlfriends, and sisters. And more and more men are coming around to this way of thinking. For a lot a men a powerful woman is a total turn-on! Men often appreciate and admire strong women.

However, a man can feel emasculated if he isn’t performing an alpha-male role in the relationship. Society tells a guy he has to be more powerful and successful than his girl. He is supposed to provide for her financially, not the other way around. But in today’s world to “provide” for someone does not just imply financial obligation. You may make more money than your man but remind him that he provides for you in other ways. The way you like when your guy makes you feel “like a woman” (whatever that means to you), it’s important to make him feel like a man. Doing this is not conforming to gender stereotypes or dumbing yourself down to please him, it’s reminding him that you appreciate and accept him no matter how much money he makes or what his job title is.

Many men can appreciate a strong successful woman but don’t want to feel like they have to compete with her at home. He may feel like work is stressful enough and to have to keep his competitive edge when he’s supposed to be relaxing outside the office, is stress that he does not need. Men hope that women will not bring their dominance home with them after work and hold it over their heads. Many men seek equality at home just like women do- an equal balance of power between the man and the woman.

Gender aside, your man wants to feel like your one and only. If, because of your influence and strength, he feels as though he’s replaceable, he may start to resent your status and that’s where the problems start. You can be a powerful and successful woman and also maintain a healthy relationship if that’s what you want to do.