Why Do Some Men Cheat with Women Who Are the Opposite of What They Say They Want?

why men cheat on women

So you have found the man of your dreams. You two have shacked up together and seem as happy as can be until you find out that he’s been unfaithful to you. Aside from the anger and hurt you are experiencing, you can’t help but notice how different you and this woman are in terms of personality and looks. To be honest, you are a bit confused as to why your partner even glanced her way at all. You ponder why he cheated on you with someone who is so opposite of what he claims he wants.

Before you drive yourself insane with questions and comparison, realize that his reasoning for cheating on you may not be because you aren’t the perfect match. Some men cheat for the attention, while others cheat because they are simply bored. They tend to look for someone who fills the void of whatever seems to be lacking in their main committed relationship. Is it right? Of course not, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen every day.

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Now think about your dynamic with your partner. Do you often challenge him to be a better person? Do you question his actions constantly? While you may see it as helping him to become a better person, he may feel inadequate. This is especially true if you an accomplished woman. However instead of solving the problem and expressing his feelings, he’d rather find a woman who won’t challenge his every move and will make him feel more of a man. It also seems easier to him to deal with someone who won’t constantly challenge him or hold him accountable because ultimately the two are not in a fully committed relationship. In a way, it’s an escape from reality for him.

It’s also a boost to his ego when another woman who usually isn’t his type is attracted to him. His ego boost may also come from the fact that this other woman is not as strong minded or independent as you. There are some men who do love the feeling of being in the dominate role and are at a loss if their woman takes charge.

Why else would a man cheat on his partner with someone who isn’t his type? It’s because he can. Men will give in to a woman’s advances because she is also willing to engage in inappropriate behavior with him as well. The willingness to cheat comes regardless of what type she is.

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So don’t judge or compare yourself with this other woman because you must always remember that it takes to two to tango. Also keep in mind that it’s usually never about the other woman personally, rather it’s about his own selfish needs and desires. If he wants to cheat on you, he will do it with anyone who is willing and able. What you need to worry about and focus on is you. Keep your chin up and decide whether or not your partner is someone you want to be with.