Why Guy’s Think You’re Hitting on Them Even When You’re Not Trying to

So you’ve just started a new job and you’ve got friendly with your male co-worker. You don’t find him attractive in the slightest and as far as you are concerned you’ve never given him any indication that you were interested. One day he asks if he can take you out for lunch, you agree thinking its just two colleagues going to lunch together. However, when you get into the conversation he starts saying things like, “I’ve noticed the way you look at me,” and your like, “yeah the way I look at everyone!” He somehow manages to ignore that comment and goes on to confess his undying love for you, and you’re like, hold on put the brakes on, “You’re a really nice guy and everything but I’m not interested.” The next thing you know the entire office thinks you’re a tease for leading on poor Albert who hasn’t had a date in ten years!

Some women are just naturally flirtatious and they really don’t mean to be. They don’t think they’re flirting they think they’re just being friendly. Flirting doesn’t have to be as in your face as winking at a guy or caressing his arm. If guys keep on getting the wrong end of the stick when you’re around them you are probably a natural flirt. Here are some reasons why guys keep thinking you’re hitting on them even when you aren’t.

You Give Him a Compliment

The worst thing you can do is compliment a guy. As far as you’re concerned you are just being nice. You genuinely think he’s a great guy and you think he deserves the best in life and that includes a loving and loyal girlfriend. When you tell him this he automatically assumes that you must be hinting that you want to be that loyal and loving girlfriend.

You Support Him on Social Media

You’re an extremely supportive friend, you like all his comments and posts on social media, you friend him on all his platforms, you like all his photos and you are always sending friendly messages. You’re just being a cheerleader……. that’s not how he sees it.

You Remember the Tiny Details

You’ve just got a good memory and you remember the color of his tie the first day that you met. So you mention it in conversation one day and he misinterprets it as “she was paying so much attention to me that she remembered what color tie I was wearing, she must be really crazy about me!” Or Justin mentioned that he likes homemade chocolate chip cookies and a couple of months later you surprise him with some. He immediately assumes that you want to play happy families but you’re just being nice!

You Send Random Messages

You find a video or an article that you think your friend would like and so you send them to him every once in a while. He interprets it as “she must be thinking about me all the time.”

You Ask a Lot of Questions

You are inquisitive by nature and you are always asking people questions. You want to know every last detail about his life. This isn’t because you are nosy or a gossip you just think that it’s only right that you should have full knowledge of the people you associate with. Unfortunately, your guy friend thinks this means you must want more than friendship since you are so interested in his life.

You Get Changed in Front of Him

Sometimes when you get really close to a guy and you have absolutely no intentions of taking anything further you can get so comfortable that you almost see him as a brother. Big mistake! Regardless of how much of a brother you see him as, you have to remember that he’s still a guy and he’s going to get horny when he sees exposed female body parts. Since he assumes you should know this, all he will think when you start stripping is that you must want him to get horny.

You Look Him in The Eye

You are one of those really intense people who truly believe that the eyes are the window to the soul, and so any time you are talking to people you look them directly in the eyes so that you can really connect with what they are saying. Some guys are going to interpret this as you trying to flirt with your eyes.

Final Thought

Unfortunately, some guys are so desperate that they are going to interpret the tiniest gesture as flirting. I’m in no way saying you should alter your personality when you are around guys. However, you are obviously reading this article because you are sick of every man you interact with thinking you’re in love with them. To change this, you might have to be a bit more cautious when it comes to the things mentioned above.