Why you should do the thigh gap diet

thigh gap dietEvidently ladies, especially young ladies, seem to think the thigh gap is all of the rage. This is one of those things that hit the mainstream with gusto and has stuck hard. It is also one of those things that make you shake your head. Why? Because, the thigh gap diet is not only unrealistic, it is also unhealthy.

If you are considering the thigh gap diet then it is important to really think the situation through in its entirety. This new diet can actually be quite detrimental on your health. Many professionals think that suffering to get a thigh gap may actually be the gateway to other eating disorders as the “diet” borders things like hunger training and fasting.

The truth in the middle is that having a thigh gap and getting it in a healthy manner may depend on whether or not you have a narrow pelvis. See some women are naturally built to lose thigh fat and get a gap, while other women would have to lose muscle which is not as safe.

One has to understand our muscle is very important by way of our bodily function. If a woman has to lose that muscle she may very likely be depriving herself of needed nutrition. It is very difficult to believe that something is safe that advocates for Body Mass Index consistent to that of anorexia patients. The thigh gap, if obtainable, is no easy task. It oftentimes becomes an obsession that can all too quickly turn into a clinical disorder.

When it comes down to it the thigh gap is yet again another next to impossible body image derived from photoshopped models on the internet. It is an unsafe and unrealistic expectation set out on women who are making themselves sick to achieve it. Other professionals say the diet is perfectly safe. They say it is all about lower body fat control and discipline. We would love to hear your thoughts!

There is absolutely no reason to do the thigh gap diet. It is in no way good for you. It is not a realistic goal. Most of the models and photos you see of women with thigh gaps are edited to some degree and in some cases that’s a lot.

The fact is that society puts these unrealistic expectations on women who become unhealthy trying to achieve them. Trends are set and the younger generations see it hence the cycle repeats itself again and again. Is it not enough to find beauty in the very things that make us unique rather than trying to make a beauty trend which makes us all alike?

There is nothing wrong with a healthy diet, working out and trying to be fit or healthy. However fad diets are hardly ever good for you. It is important before starting any diet or exercise routine to see your doctor. This is especially true for fad diets.

It is our uniqueness and individuality that sets us apart and makes us beautiful and not the amount of space between your thighs. As a matter of fact, if you get to the end of your life being remembered by the amount of space between your thighs then you probably did it wrong.

There is no fad diet out there, no magic pill that will make us ok with who we are. Until we find that within ourselves we will always be searching, and a guy who loves or wants us would never try to turn us into their twisted version of the perfect girl. They would accept us for who we are and love that.