Yay or Nay: Do You Feel Uncomfortable with a Male Gynecologist?

Uncomfortable with a Male Gynecologist

Many women would prefer a female gynecologist just because it feels more comfortable or natural than having to go see a male gynecologist. Other woman prefer a female OB/GYN due to cultural beliefs and some might even feel it betrays their intimacy with their spouses but in actual fact the bigger question should be is it the best option? For some women it might be the only option even though there are other factors to consider but due to abuse or even religious laws this will not be an open discussion.

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Many years back there was no option as all the OB/GYN was men although times have changed and the number of male in accordance to female gynecologists have equaled out well. When asked this question more than 60% of women felt it was not really important as long as the doctor was well qualified. Some women felt that going to a female GYN/OB was better due to the fact that they are women themselves thus providing comfort in knowing that the doctor should have firsthand knowledge of their feelings, pain as well as fears. This has been proven to not always be the case, as some women have said that female gynecologists seem uncompassionate thus creating a feeling of discomfort, whereas most male gynecologists know that women feel at unrest and will go to extremes to make their patients feel more comfortable.

It is therefore suggested to weigh the pros and cons of both sides before making a hasty decision.

Female OB/GYN

Female gynecologist knows what the process feels like as well as the pain associated with most ailments women experience. They understand the emotional side to a woman in addition to the physical side which makes discussing specific topics more comfortable.

Studies have shown that female gynecologists are a bit more impatient though when it comes to some cases due to the precise fact that they know what the patient is going through in addition to seemingly being rushed always. Female OB/GYN tends to easily refer patients to other specialists whereas male OB/GYN does not.


A man does not know what a woman feels, this is true but due to this fact studies has proven men to be even more cautious when it comes to delicate subjects as gynecologists. Male OB/GYN is prone to spend more time listening and trying to completely comprehend the patient’s queries so that they can assist them correctly.

They are also known for trying to resolve the patient’s problems as far as they can with medicine firstly before making any hasty referrals or tests. Male GYN/OB has been known to think much higher of themselves in accordance to female doctors.

Before deciding rapidly just on whether you feel comfortable or not, do you not think that your option for a gynecologist should rather be made upon which is more qualified to assist you medically?

All doctors considered show some or other strong point as well as weakness but whether your doctor is male or female ought not to affect your choice when it comes to your well-being. Choosing a gynecologist should be merited upon their qualifications, their availability in addition to their experience. Many female doctors have not had babies or might not even be married thus they could also not always know what you are going through.

Whether you choose to say Yay or Nay is entirely up to you in the end although all facts considered you should make a decision based on the doctor’s abilities to assist you medically and not purely on emotions. Your health is more important than whether you feel shy so unless you have a fundamentally strong suitable reason for wanting a female gynecologist, there should be no reason to choose.