Yeah Right! Five Mind Blowing Things You Might Not Know About Breast Implants

what to know about bread implants

Are you debating about getting breast implants or augmentation of some sort? Perhaps the girls are not as perky as you would like or they may not be as big as you would want. Before going under the knife, it’s important that you take everything into consideration. Breast augmentation may seem like the best answer and the solution to all your problems, but there are complications you should consider. Many women have often stated they wish they knew what they were getting into before they delved into surgery. When it comes to any type of surgery, cosmetic or medical, it’s always best to be prepared for all possibilities that can occur.

Keep reading to find out five mind blowing things you might not know about breast implants:

  1. The pain or lack of pain you feel is determined by where your surgeon places the implants. You will hear different accounts of what women feel after surgery. Women who have implants placed on top of the chest (pectoralis) muscle may find the pain of surgery to be gone within day. Those who have the implant placed under their chest muscle can feel pain for two to three days, sometimes more. Your choice of placement is dependent on how you what your implants to look. Those who wish to have a more natural aesthetic usually prefer to have their implant places under the muscle since it reduces the chances of a “uniboob” or rippling from the bags.

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  1. Your implants are not meant to last forever and will need to be replaced. Many people think breast implants are a one and done deal. Many don’t know after time, the implants are more prone to breaking or rupturing. Some can last for up to 15 years but it’s ideal for women with breast implants to get them replaced every ten years. It can be a costly investment over time.

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  1. You can lose sensitivity in your nipples and/or develop serious scar tissue. Some women can experience numbness or a loss of sensitivity in their nipples after surgery. There are women who also cannot breast feed after surgery as well. You can’t know if you will experience this until you have surgery done so you must consider this risk. Also some women experience capsular contracture. This means the scar tissue develops and tightens around the breast implant which can make the implant look unnatural and have feel very hard and painful. In order to remove the scar tissue, more surgery will need to be done.

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  1. You may be disappointed in your implants initially after surgery. There are some women who experience what is called Ugly Breasts Syndrome after their surgery. Think about it, you’ve waited forever to get your implants and now you’ve finally had them down. Now you want to see the result but when the surgeon finally removes the bandages you can’t help but feel unimpressed. You must realize as with all surgeries, some can take several weeks to heal. Your implants may seem raised or just plain out weird looking. Don’t fret, it’s just swelling that needs to go down. Just be patient and monitor your implants the weeks following, you will notice a huge difference once they are completely healed.


  1. The higher the cc’s more prone you are to back pain. Many of your well-endowed friends may complain about back problems. If you get breast implants, you can and will be subjected to back pain as well. You may find yourself slouching and will have to relearn your posture. It is beneficial for you to do back strengthening exercises to help alleviate some of the problems you may experience after surgery.