You Think You Know but You Have No Idea: Why You Should Think Twice About Waist Training

waist training

Waist training is the current trend for women who want to cinch in their waist and get that hourglass shape they crave. I mean, it sounds so easy, all you have to do is wear a corset and without having to lift any weights or take any class and you can get permanent results and a curvy figure to boot. However, it may sound too good to be true. While waist training can be an ideal way to cinch your waist, it can also prove to be dangerous as well.

So what is waist training? Well waist training has been around since the 1800s and has reemerged with a vengeance due to celebrity use and the fashion industry. It is known to be a slow process of waist slimming with the use of a corset. When you have your corset on, you automatically have a hourglass silhouette that is the envy of the town. However the more frequently you wear your corset the tinier your waist becomes.

Keep reading to learn more about waist training and why you should think twice before starting:

  • You must always wear waist trainers for them to work. Once you start waist training, you can’t stop. The catch is that the results are only permanent if you continue to wear a trainer/corset.
  • It’s harder for you to breathe. Wearing a corset too tightly can cause for some breathing issues. Remember Elizabeth Swann from the film, Pirates of the Caribbean? The first time she wore her corset and couldn’t breathe. If you wear your waist trainer too tightly, you may find yourself depriving your body of oxygen. This deprivation can also lead to a slowing of the metabolism.
  • You may experience chafing or rashes with constant wear. If you have very sensitive skin or skin that is prone to chafing, you may want to stay away from waist training. When you wear something extremely tight for long hours at a time, your skin cannot breathe and the sweat produced from the corset has nowhere to go or evaporate, causing your skin to react and get all sorts of funky.
  • You can get fractured ribs. They weren’t joking when they said you can fracture your rib while wearing a corset. For those who wear corsets for almost an entire day, they are more likely to experience a fractured rib. It’s known to be a common side-effect since the ribbing of the corset can be too tight around the rib cage. It impedes your movement and one wrong move and you can find yourself in pain for quite a few weeks.
  • Corsets don’t magically make you healthier. Corsets only provide curves but they don’t miraculously make you lose weight. Any fat you have around your waistline will slowly get pushed down to your hips, this is how your waist takes shape.
  • Any weight loss from solely waist training is not healthy. You can lose weight from waist training. The corset restricts your stomach, intestines, and other organs from moving. What does this mean? It means food has a hard time getting out, which can lead to a plethora of other issues for you to deal with. Since your organs are squished inside your body, they can’t really properly function. If you do wear your corsets for hours at a time on a daily basis, you may find yourself dealing with constipation or acid reflux.
  • Using a waist trainer has a shortcut will lead to permanent damage. Instead of subjecting yourself to this painful process, spend the time to work on your body. Eat properly, filling your meals with nutritious foods and go to the gym. Not only will you feel better about yourself, you reap a ton of benefits as well.