3 Stylish Handbags That Scream Summer

Some Useful Information

Kylie Jenner was snapped carrying a $3.7k leather, patterned Gucci purse! Bags carry that much prestige that they make headline news! Just why do they mean so much to us women? The It-Bag has become an iconic figure in the 21st century, from catwalk models to celebrities to your everyday working woman we are prepared to spend more on a handbag than we do on the mortgage for our homes and we carry them with such pride wanting everyone to know about it!

The most fashionable clothing items take second place to this most desired accessory. In 2006, we witnessed Kate Moss star in the Longchamp bag campaign. She lay stark naked on a beach and the only item she had was her Longchamp handbag. The message was direct and to the point: Your clothes don’t count; the It-Bag is what matters!

What is it that we find so desirable about bags? In part, I would say they have become an outward symbol of a woman’s fashion consciousness, earning power and status. Over the past one hundred years, handbags have increased in popularity at the same rate as the independence of women.

Two hundred years ago women were domestic creatures; their role was predominantly in the home. They would keep their belongings in a small purse and tuck it into the folds of their clothes. However, as women began to leave the home both for work and leisure, bags became a handy way of carrying their belongings.

Sea and rail travel caused an explosion in esteem of fashionable travel items such as dress cases, suitcases and shoe and hat boxes. It was out of this movement that the leather handbag was birthed.

There is no coincidence that the majority of the most popular and luxurious hand bags such as Hermes, Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton originated between the 19th and 20th centuries as travel began to increase in popularity. As women gained financial independence, the handbag industry also flourished and big names now make millions of dollars in sales a year from handbags alone.

Summer Summer Summer Time

Soft colors, florals, bright shades, tints and lively prints are just a few elements that characterize the dawn of summer. There is a dramatic shift in the atmosphere as delectable rays of sunlight beam down upon the earth’s core, everyone loves summer time. The transition is truly delightful but this also means a change in our wardrobe.

The metamorphosis from spring time to summer symbolizes rebirth, renewal, and re-growth. Flowers blossom, plants grow, withered leaves are restored and the beauty of nature becomes all the more apparent. In a similar manner, your wardrobe needs to follow suit. Summer bags come in a variety of styles and sizes, hobo, printed, plain, totes, oversized bags, messengers and clutches. Here are three of the most popular bags for this season.

  1. Shiny Metallic Bags: The iconic metallic finish is an 80’s style that has made its way back to the catwalk. When blended with unique shapes and fabrics it becomes dynamic and modern so it’s not at all surprising that metallic has made such a huge comeback.

Marc Jacobs have got some jaw dropping metallic bucket bags in gold and blue hues. The fabric appears folded and this unique texture blended well with the glistening shine of the metallic.

Delpozo sells a really odd looking bag designed in the shape of a jelly-fish, it has an opalescent sheen, its shiny and slightly transparent, all of which make it a great match for summer time.

  1. Duffle Bags: To the more fashion conscious woman, style is more important than practicality. In saying that, when we do need to make a practical purchase, it better have some style to it!

 Duffle and large travel bags are always going to be a summer trend, after all when stylish women take their summer vacations they will need enough space to transport all their beauty accessories.

Balenciaga is selling a great selection of summer duffle bags. Some of them are loud and vibrant with beautiful floral prints while others are in a range of solid colors.

For the more established woman, Gucci has some stunning duffle bags with striking symmetrical prints and large exotic flowers.

  1. Teeny Weeny Thumbelina Purses: If you are a woman who travels light then these bags are for you because you can’t fit much else in them than a lip-gloss and some coins!

 I saw a few leather, miniature matchbox purses at Hermes. Valentino also has some hot, edgy purses with heavy duty material and chain straps. But the award for the cutest teeny weeny Thumbelina purse goes to Fendi; I saw one with a small flower print in baby pink with an adorable teeny weeny metal handle.