About Us

We’re thrilled you’re here! Now, let’s tell you a little bit about ourselves.  We Make It Look Good!

Sweetie Bomb (SB) is a sophisticatedly witty and opinionated lifestyle blog for women from women seeking organic commentary on various women’s issues in the digital space. A unique place for creative engagement, SB responds to the desire of this cosmopolitan community to help women stay on top of their time constrained lives with engaging editorial that features a smart, conversational voice and content from the best bloggers in women’s publishing.

Our Mission

We believe that women are intelligent and fun, determined and caring, heroic and loving. Our mission is to empower women with engaging content that covers everything from fashion, beauty and health to parenting, career, and entertainment news.


  • Farrah Mayers, Senior Editor
  • Kendall Glenn, Contributing Writer
  • Melissa Lanzon, Contributing Writer
  • Duane Washington, Founder & Chief Executive Officer