5 Disadvantages of Dating a Man with a Mustache

Some men are really into the mustached look, whether it be for November and is just a fashion statement for a month, or is something that is inherently a part of their defined look. And of course, being the loving and supportive significant other that we know you are, you let him go free into the facial hair realm. But let’s be honest, there can be some drawbacks to a man with a furry upper lip:

1.    It’s itchy. When he kisses you, it will definitely be a bit itchy and ticklish. If he hasn’t always had a mustache, it will take some getting used to before you stop swiping your mouth afterword. And in the bedroom, it’s no different. When he goes down on you it will itch, be warned and be prepared for that.

2.    They get dirty. In a variety of situations, the mustache is by far not the cleanest way to wear facial hair. If they’re eating barbecue, sauce gets in it. Drinks get in it. Food particles of all kinds get stuck in it. And particularly unfortunate, if your man gets sick, the leaky snot gets stuck in there too. It’s gross and it’s unappealing, but let’s be fair, who is all that attractive when they’re sick anyway?

3.    When they’re trimming up the facial hair, it gets all over the sink. To be fair, of course, most guys will end up messing the sink when they shave in the mornings, but when there’s already something there to trim – the mustache – there will be even longer hairs in even more of the sink and bathroom. If your guy is a slob, forgetful, or in a hurry, you’ll be the one to deal with it and it can get kind of wild. Also, sometimes facial hair gets in weird places. Like our eyelashes, sometimes mustache hairs get all over the place.

4.    Facial hair makes men look older. Whatever the age of your guy, there’s almost never an instance where a mustache won’t age him. People tend to associate the look with your dad, porn stars from the 70s, and Burt Reynolds. So there might be an occasion or five where he’s mistaken for your dad. And if there’s any kind of significant age difference anyway, well just start calling him Papa.

5.    Some people find them unstylish. Okay, your guy might love his mustache, and maybe you love it too. But some people don’t see the appeal in the ‘stache, and they will mock you guys for it. Your friends might say that it looks silly, they might say he has no fashion sense, they might call him caterpillar lip. You never know, so hopefully the two of you have a good sense of humor about it.

Whatever people may say about them, though, and no matter the drawbacks, if your man loves it, then you should try and find a way to love it as well. And if he’s just doing it through a phase (or for Movember), then you can handle going through a month or so of the ‘stache.