5 Household uses… for Vodka? That’s Right!

Ah, Vodka. Whether it’s your friend or foe it’s undoubtedly found its way into your house one, or twice… maybe a few other times. Vodka is already great for a number of reasons: Jell-O shots, all the different flavors it comes in, all the yummy drinks you can make with all of the yummy flavored vodkas (FYI put whipped cream flavored vodka in orange soda and you’re basically drinking an orange creamcicle). But, did you know that vodka can be used for something other than shots and spiking your orange juice? Check out these 5 ways you can use vodka around the house.

Spray Vodka on Stinky Clothes
If you’re like me and you put in werk werk werk werk werk at the gym, then you’re coming home with a sweaty bra and sweaty crack. Depending on my level of intensity getting my bra to not smell like a middle school locker room can take a few trips through the rinse cycle. BUT! Putting our frenemy vodka in a spray bottle and spraying on the bra (or whatever you get your stink on) before putting it in the washer helps get rid of that rotten smell! By the time the washer is finished your clothes come out smelling fresh. No B.O. No vodka smell.
Pro Tip: This will also work on men’s clothing, your dog’s bed, gym socks, work socks, underwear.

Vodka Is Your Newest Stain Remover
Since we were just talking about laundry, you can use vodka as a stain remover too! This can get out food stains, pit stains, wine stains, make up stains, and *cough* period stains *cough*. All you have to do is pour some vodka directly onto the stain and start rubbing it in. After you’ve given it a good scrub do your laundry as you normally would. Voila! The stain is gone! Now you can wear that maxi dress out in public again.

Getting rid of sticker residue
So you just found a super cute DIY project on Pinterest about reusing your old vodka bottles, but when you go to take the sticker off the bottle you have that annoying goopy residue that’s left behind. Luckily, if you scrub the gunk with some vodka it’ll come right off! Goodbye goo, hello new makeup brush holder. This also works with removing the sticker goo off of plates and cups. Really it just removes al sticker goo.

Insects Be Gone!
Remember earlier how I told you to put some vodka in a spray bottle to help get rid of gross smells on your clothes? Well, that same spray bottle can be used to kill unwanted bugs. So next time you see an army of ants trying to raid your kitchen, grab your vodka spray bottle and go nuts! But be careful not to spray bees – they’re endangered right now and in some areas it may even be illegal. Don’t BEE a murderer. See what I did there?

Vodka Makes Your Bling, Go Bling.
When your jewelry starts getting dingy or just plain dirty, you can soak them in vodka for about 5 minutes and then rinse with water. Your jewelry will go from drab to fab in no time! Have diamonds or other gemstones? Don’t worry! This is safe and will work on them too.

So the next time you’re at the store and have a couple (or few… who’s counting?) bottles of vodka in your cart, you can let them know that you’re now a Vodka-Home-Remedy-Domestic-Queen! But let’s never forget that vodka is here for vodka martini, shots, and a good night out with the girls.