7 Most common One Night Stand Mistakes

There is nothing wrong with an exciting one night stand as long as you are playing it safe. Avoiding those embarrassing mistakes will make it a whole lot better. I mean, it is normally a little awkward the first time unless you are really feeling it, so it is not always the most awesome sex ever. However, it can be pretty damn good.

So, that brings us to the first tip. Do not set your expectations very high. If it is starting as a one night stand don’t hope for a lot more. This does happen from time to time, and one night stands can lead to more. That is a mutual agreement that you certainly don’t want to approach on the morning after. In many cases not having a “morning after” saves you an awkward experience, and it leaves guys intrigued when you leave the same night. That is food for thought that we will approach a bit later on.

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Another great tip is never to hook up with a married or taken guy. As a matter of fact don’t hook up with a one night stand if you are in an exclusive relationship. These things get messy fast, and it is never a good idea to play with another person’s heart or mind. Anyways, who needs that kind of Karma?

Always protect yourself. You do not want to take any risks, and it only takes one time to change your whole life. AIDS and babies are just two of the things that you can’t just get rid of. Bring your own protection, because they guy is not always prepared. There are too many chances to be taken and it can happen in an instant. Be safe all of the time, because sick people look just like the rest of us in most cases.

Do not hook up with someone that you know only from online for a one night stand. This can be really dangerous. You have to physically feel someone’s vibes to be safe and even then you are taking a chance. However, those chances greatly increase if it is someone you have never met personally. We have something called intuition for a reason. Our personal, physical and mortal safety is something we must always consider.

Never “fall in love” with a one night stand. It is actually kind of creepy. This is especially true if you just met them. If they start professing their love to you, run for the hills. This is never a good sign, and it certainly doesn’t scream emotionally stable. As a matter of fact this is something you want to watch out for. This is a warning sign of a potential staler or worse, an abuser. The last thing you need is a love crazed stranger creeping by at 2am to see if you come came alone from the club.

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You do not owe him breakfast; as a matter of fact leaving when the great sex is over is always best. It leaves them wondering. This is a way of getting that call later for another hook up, and who knows where that’ll go. It will have to be something that naturally occurs though, because you do not want to come across as clingy or desperate to be “loved”. Believe it or not the damsel in distress role is well played out and unattractive to most emotionally fit guys.

Do not leave anything at his house, and avoid the walk of shame like the plague. If you do have to take that walk, hold your head up high and smile like the cat that got the milk. You earned it, and that is especially true if he sex was great. Wear it like a badge girl.

Those tips should help you to get it on with confidence, and who knows, you may even see him again. You should not be ashamed of having a healthy sexual appetite and not wanting all of the relationship drama. Remember, you have no one to answer to but yourself, so get out there and have fun! Just keep your cool no matter what. You are a liberated women and you don’t have to answer for that to anyone. As long as you are ok with the lifestyle you are living that who else matters as long as you are not committed to anyone otherwise?