7 Tips and Tricks to Overcome Flight Anxiety

Flying can be totally terrifying and a lot of people suffer from flight anxiety (recall: Kristen Wiig’s character in Bridesmaids). You definitely do not want to end up like that. So here are a few tips on how to beat your anxiety and enjoy the ride.

1. Take a few deep breaths. Yeah, I know everybody and their mother has told you this. Oldest advice in the book! But have you ever really committed and done it? I mean like really focus and do some yoga breathing. A few deep breaths can do a world of good for your mental state and get you ready to fly.

2. Bring an activity. Read a book or a magazine, listen to music or do a crossword puzzle. Having something to distract you from the fear of flying will help calm you down. You may get so wrapped up in your activity that you may forget that you’re even in the air. Might I recommend the classic chick-lit book “Fear of Flying” by Erica Jong?

3. Have a drink. Do not read this as “get trashed.” But seriously, have a drink. Alcohol can calm you down and make you feel more confident approaching hotties at the bar so why not let it calm you down in the airport. Enjoy a quick cocktail in the airport or on the plane to set yourself up to be calm, cool and collected in flight.

4. Focus on the destination. All that stands between you and the sunny beaches of Hawaii is a stupid little 6-hour flight. Let your excitement for the trip overpower your fear of the flight. Think about all the awesome stuff you’re gonna do once you land and let yourself daydream about all the adventures you’ll be having.

5. Take a chill pill. Literally, pop an anti-anxiety pill before boarding the flight. Consider seeking a prescription from a doctor a few weeks before your trip. So many people suffer from aerophobia that getting the prescription shouldn’t a be a problem. Note: do not mix this tip with tip #3.

6. Meet the crew. Go out of your way to try to meet the pilot and the flight attendants. Introducing yourself and getting to know them will help you realize that they are capable and may make you feel safer in the air.

7. Situate yourself. For the least amount of anxiety, make sure you’re not rushing to catch the plane. Try to score an aisle seat and turn on the cool air vents as soon as you sit down. Doing all these things puts you in the best possible place to battle your anxiety.