Are You Down? Have You Ever Had a Vacation One-Night Stand?

Summer time is on its way and vacation season is just around the corner. You will soon be able to take time out of your busy schedule to relax in beautiful foreign surroundings. When you get sick and tired of the rat race, and living the 9-5 lifestyle the thought of stretching out on a beach with nothing to do but drink a cocktail, read a novel and best of all have a one night stand with a local stunner or fellow tourist is very appealing.

There’s just something so riveting about hooking up with someone on vacation, a scenic location, you don’t have to think about work or bills plus you will never have to see the person again which fuels your lustful feelings.

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In theory this all sounds great, but how many people are actually down for a vacation one night stand. The latest research has discovered that it’s actually quite a common trend.

A survey conducted by Match Singles found that 20 percent of young adults between the ages of 20 and 30 have had at least one vacation one night stand. The study also found that the older we get we are more likely to have one, with 40 percent of men and women between the ages of 40 and 50 having had a vacation one night stand.

Apparently some regions are hornier than others with the West Coast being at the top of the list. They are 36 percent more inclined to have a vacation one night stand than their fellow east coasters. Singles from San Antonio and San Francisco appear to be the friskiest, with 38 percent admitting that they have indulged in the act.

So, for those wanting to roll in the hay while on your next vacation you may want to consider seeking someone out from the West Coast!

All jokes aside, the prospect of a one night stand sounds exciting, but have you ever weighed up the pros and cons of engaging in no strings attached fun? Let’s take a look.

Benefits of a One Night Stand

May I add, I am in no way trying to encourage you to have a one night stand, I am simply stating the facts. So here goes:

  • Needs are met: The bottom line is that we all have needs and when you are not in a relationship the only way you are going to hit that climax is with a dildo or some baby oil!
  • No commitment: Being single has its ups and downs, you can live that independent life and do what you want to do when you want to do it but when you get that itch, there’s no one there to scratch it for you. A one night stand basically means you can shag and go without having to deal with the emotional connection that comes with being in a relationship.
  • Revenge sex: A one night stand is a great way to get over your cheating partner. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, watching soppy movies crying into tissues and eating ice-cream all night get dressed, look hot, find the sexiest person in the club and get on with it!
  • A break from reality: Sometimes life can become so rigid that it gets boring being you. A one night stand will allow you to break out of the norm, become whoever you want to be, a vixen, a police woman, and never have to see the person again.

Disadvantages of a One Night Stand

  • When you don’t know a person’s background and the kind of lifestyle they live you put yourself at risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease. HIV and AIDS are rampant; when you have a one night stand you are actually putting your life in danger.
  • As a woman, if you end up getting pregnant you will either have to go through the emotional trauma of having an abortion or raising the child without a father and neither one is pleasurable. If you are a man, you could end up with children you will never have the opportunity to raise.
  • There are way too many psychos out there today!
  • A one night stand is thrilling and exciting, the thrill of the chase; you never know who you are going to end up with, a new experience. All of this can become addictive and you will find yourself engaging in this behaviour even if you do end up in a long term relationship.

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Ladies and gentlemen, I have given you the pros and cons but the choice is yours. I am not for one night stands I would rather not take the risk. Yes we all know that we can use protection but your safety isn’t one hundred percent guaranteed. The best protection is not to have a one night stand at all!