Are You Inadvertently Hurting Him During Sex?

Great sex can leave your boyfriend feeling on top of the world most of the time. However, when you are hurting him and you don’t realize it, he can end up feeling pretty sore afterwards. Here are some ways you could be inflicting more pain than pleasure.

Clitoral Stimulation: If you are one of the many women who require direct clitoral stimulation before you can reach orgasm then you probably get to work yourself during intercourse. Depending on what position you’re in you could be scratching away at your boyfriend’s tool while you’re at it.

The Solution: If you want to get yourself off, doggy style or missionary are the best positions to be in to avoid any accidents. You also might want to try keeping your nails short.

No Lubrication: Some women don’t like using lubrication for several reasons. However, one of them is that they don’t want their boyfriend to feel as if they don’t know how get their juices flowing. One of the most uncomfortable feelings for a man is dry friction; it’s like getting carpet burn.

The Solution: Your boyfriend really doesn’t care that you need to use lube, in fact he likes it. The wetter the better.

Reverse Cowgirl: Bending forward in this position can hit your g-spot in a major way. However, if you bend forward too much you are going to bend his tool and when it’s erect that can be painful.

The Solution: Bend backwards, if your boyfriend lifts his hips up slightly you level out the angle. When you bend backwards instead of forwards you are bending in the natural direction of his penis which means you are less likely to hurt him.

Moving too Quickly: When you are on top moving too fast is not only going to dry you up but will also cause friction on his member.

The Solution: You probably think he likes it fast and hard but it can be painful so stop it. There is nothing wrong with speeding things up periodically but riding him like a jack hammer all the way through isn’t a good idea.

Your Teeth: If you don’t know how to get your teeth out of the way when you are giving your man oral sex you are going to have to learn. Men do not like having teeth anywhere near that area.

The Solution: Here’s a trick…………..freeze a banana and then take the skin off. Position your lips at the top of it and then use your lips to suck it into your mouth until you get as much of it in as possible. You want to use this same movement when you are giving your boyfriend oral sex.

Taking The Condom Off: You want to be that special girlfriend that wants her boyfriend to rest and recover after a great session. This is really sweet and admirable; however, if you take it off the wrong way, it will feel as if you have ripped out one of his pubic hairs.

The Solution: You can solve this issue by letting him take it off. Trust me, he might think it’s erotic when you put it on, but once it’s over he’s not really bothered.

When He’s Not Fully Erect: I know you’re horny and you just can’t wait to get it on but it’s not a good idea. A semi erection will lead to you moving a lot more aggressively to make up for not being able to feel what you’re used to, and this can cause him some pain.

The Solution: In short, wait until he has a full erection. Don’t get offended that he’s taking so long to get hard. He might be tired, stressed out, have other things on his mind. He may not even be in the mood for sex. If it’s really not happening help him out with your hand or mouth.

Scratching Him: Some women can get so caught up in the heights of passion that they can scratch their partners pretty deeply sometimes drawing blood. He might not feel it straight away because he’s so focused on the act, but when it’s all said and done he’s going to feel that burn especially when he’s taking a shower.

The Solution: If you know that you have the tendency to scratch you might want to cut your nails or at least file them so they are really blunt. Also, if you remember you can try using the balls of your fingers instead of digging your nails in.

Final Thought

Some men are not going to tell you that you are hurting them because they don’t want to look like a wimp. However, when he’s got blood pouring from his back or you catch him looking at his penis awkwardly in the shower you’ve probably caused him some damage.