Body Wraps: Do They Work?

body wraps do they work

Body wraps, this is the new trend in weight loss, but do they really work?

Body wraps are the spas new best selling weight loss trend. Celebs are bragging about them, and a lot of people at the gym are swearing by them too. To listen to the masses they are the new cure all for many ailments like toxicity, loose skin and excessive weight just to name some. People are even using plastic wraps and elastic store bought wraps as a cheaper alternative to sweat off the pounds. Are these new wraps all they are cracked up to be?

Let’s find out just what the real scoop on body wraps really is.

The allure of shedding weight from your midsection is almost irresistible. Critics say that the only thing to be lost here is money, but others are saying that body wraps are the best new thing. Knowing what to believe is tough, however, it is vital to remember what works for one may not always work for another. Then there are some who go into it with their minds made up to fail. Like anything else, body wraps alone wont make you lose weight.

Before moving on to speak of all of the glorious ways that body wraps will change your life for the better it is important to point out that the FDA has said body wraps can be dangerous. It causes vasodilation or a dilation of your blood cells. The weight loss is real,and it is quick. It is also very temporary. The wraps that utilize serums or lotions, mud and seaweed etc. will also help with the release of toxins if they are correctly done. In a professional environment these normally cover the body and not its specific areas.

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Since excessive sweating can lead to dehydration hydrating before and after is essential. Water is the suggested means of hydration. It is the healthiest. Your body temperature could be raised to very risky heights. Consequently your bloods chemistry may be changed, blood volume will likely reduce and less oxygen will make its way to the cells. All of these things and others can lead to confusion, stroke or even death. Even just wrapping your stomach can be far more than sweating. If you are using plastic the PVC can take a very negative toll on the spleen, liver, kidneys and bone formations. This is also linked to cancer and altimeters.

Body wrapping can be done, and you may be fine. It should be used as a temporary solution, and exercise is the only healthy way to lose weight, along with a healthy diet of course. These are not to be work daily under your clothing, and they plastic wrap should be avoided all together. There are some available in the exercise areas of some of your favorite department stores, but be sure to avoid those said to contain minerals. Again, these will normally also contain aluminum which can lead to altimeters.

When you use a stomach or body wrap while excising it will be fine in most cases. This is especially true if it is a standard one that just helps you sweat and contains not bells or whistles. With a healthy diet, exercise and discipline you can lose the weight without killing yourself to do it. No matte how luxurious it may sound, full body wraps should be avoided. While it is not often that someones body temperature brings about the worst case scenario you certainly do not want to be the exception.