Chrissy Teigen “Liquid Gold” Solution: Why You Should Try?


If you don’t know who Chrissy Teigen is, she’s the B-E-A-UTIFUL co-host of Lip Sync Battle and the wife of the ever so dreamy, John Legend. After three years of marriage this gorgeous couple decided to make a baby. With her pregnancy, Chrissy got a beautiful baby girl and the oh so common stretch marks (dun, dun, DUN!)

Chrissy has embraced her stretch marks, she often showed them off on her social media accounts and even named them her “stretchies.” Just because Chrissy embraced her stretch marks, she didn’t want them there. She didn’t let her stretch marks define her as less of a woman or let them make her feel less beautiful, she wore them as a proud symbol that symbolized to the world that she just brought new life into the world.

Even though Chrissy was able to embrace her stretch marks, not all of us are able to (or want to) and we’re constantly looking for new ways to soothe and smooth our skin. Even Chrissy, who is beaming with beauty, stretch marks or not, didn’t want them to stay around, she wanted her smooth body back! Chrissy Teigen used her liquid gold solution early on, because she knew she was prone to dark, deep, noticeable stretch marks. It worked for her, so why not you? Here are just a few reasons you should try it:

It Smoothens Your Skin!
Unlike other creams and serums, this one actually works and is why Chrissy Teigen swears by it. It can help smooth out your skin from any imperfections. This includes stretch marks, scars, and any caters you may have gotten on your face back in your acne days (soooo glad that’s over). Because it smooths your skin, those bumps and caters are going to work their way out, and before you know it your skin will look flawless.

It Soothes Your Skin!
A smooth face is great, but irritation from weather, allergies, or angry pimples can still cause you to lose your confidence or take the attention from others. Chrissy’s liquid gold solution is so good it helps reduce redness and inflammation with its top secret formula. If you’re someone whose skin gets irritated after chemical peels or laser treatments (like getting your mustache hair lasered off) this serum will fix it before you can say “long island ice tea!” Okay, it’ll take a little longer than that, but you get my point.

It Hydrates Your Skin
Having dull and dry skin is honestly, just plain uncomfortable. It just feels stiff when you smile and creates flakes – let’s face it face flakes are NOT cute. Drying out our face happens so easily – it can happen after washing it with water, going outside when it’s hot out, dry air, the list goes on and on and on! Applying this solution onto your face regularly can help hydrate your skin so it feels smooth, comfortable, and plump! No more dry skin all thanks to their serum formula.

If you want to use the same liquid gold as Chrissy Teigen be prepared to dole out some cash, and we mean a lot of cash. An ounce of this stuff goes for $340.00. That’s right. Three. Hundred. Forty. Dollars…. For an ounce. I mean, she did call it liquid gold after all. But if you’re a boss lady and you have the money, you go girl! You go out and get whatever you want and need. If you’re a boss lady with bumpy skin, stretch marks, or irritation, Chrissy Teigen’s solution is the right product for you.