Does It Cost More To Raise A Boy Or A Girl?

Boy or Girl

Raising kids is tough. They can drain your energy mentally, physically, emotionally, and they can even drain your bank accounts. But all the sleepless nights, spit up, and poop attacks are worth it when you see their precious, peaceful face as they sleep. In today’s middle class economy, raising a child costs, on average, $17,600 per year. This includes housing, food, clothes, school, activities, etc. Everything a well-rounded child needs. Keep in mind this does not include college! On average, the cost difference between raising a boy versus raising a girl is pretty close, but there are a few exceptions depending on the category.

When raising a girl, you’ll find yourself spending more money on clothes, and toys than your friends with sons. The price of girls’ clothing is 4% higher than clothing for boys, so that $10 shirt in the boy’s section is going to end up costing you $10.40. Forty cents may not seem like a lot, (heck, it’s not even two quarters!) but over time those forty cents can add up to some serious change.

Toys target towards young girls also tend to be pricier than toys targeted toward boys, because they’re pink! Even if the toy is identical and comes in several different colors, the pink one can be double the price. On average girl toys are also about 7% more than boy’s toys. So that $10 toy in the boy section is now $10.70 in the girl section, but if you want it in pink you’ll have to pay twice that, plus tax.

As mommy’s little girl begins growing into a beautiful young woman, she’s likely to start developing a taste for some of the more expensive parts of being a woman that you’re probably already familiar with – makeup. Once she starts experimenting with her first shade of blue eyeshadow and overusing eyeliner for the first time, you’ll have to start paying for makeup for not just you, but your daughter too. Even limiting her to drug store make up is going to cause a dent in your wallet. She may even sneak some of your pricey highlighter when you’re not looking. Either way, get ready to start paying for a lot more in makeup.

Your beautiful baby boy isn’t going to be cheap either. Boys are just as expensive, but in different categories. For instance, while both boys and girl are participating in sports, boys are more likely to continue playing their sport through puberty and up until their high school graduation, unlike girls who drop out of sports around their pre-teen years. Because of this, you’re paying for new sports uniforms, sports equipment, practice gear, training camps, and any trips to the emergency rooms when they break a bone.

If your son decides to have short hair, he’ll have to have regular visits to the barber’s shop. Even though boy’s haircuts are cheaper than a girl’s haircut, your son will likely have two to three haircuts before your daughter needs one.

When boys are younger they tend to play rough, and part of playing rough means scrapped knees, ripped jeans, and stained shirts. If you have a rambunctious little boy, you’ll often find yourself having to replace his clothes because of this. Fortunately, boy’s clothing is cheaper than girl’s clothing, but if your son is especially rambunctious and causes you to make frequent trips to the store for replacement clothes, you may find your clothing costs on an equal playing field with girls’ clothing costs.

Let’s face it, raising kids is tough and pricey, but it’s always worth it. Whether raising a boy, girl, or both, you’re going to dish out a few extra bucks here and there, but as long as they’re happy and smiling, do you even care? Raising a kid is costly, but the experience and memories you share with them are priceless, so get the pink doll and take him to the barber so he can get his hair cut again. Either way, you know you’ve scored the jackpot.