Flirting And Dating: How To Seduce A Man That’s Not Yet Yours

How to Seduce a Man Let’s face it, we all have needs. You may desire a man who you are not yet in a relationship with, and passions are running high. You may be thrilled that you now have him in a place where you can do something about your desires. Here’s how to score with a guy that you have had your eye on for a while.

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Dress to Kill

Yes, wear something that will knock him out. Make sure it is a bold, eye-catching color, like red, or a striking blue. It can be somewhat revealing, but maybe not too much; make him pursue the goods. Let your hair down, free-flowing hair is sensuous. Just come in looking luscious.

Offer Drinks and Chat

A couple of alcoholic drinks will help to take the edge off, and make slipping into his pants easier. Not too much, however, because you still want him to be able to consent (and get an erection). Shake a couple of martinis, or pour some wine, and give him one, as the two of you talk. You can start by talking about work, interests, and/or life in general, relate to him, sort of get him relaxed, and then, go for the kill…

Be Blunt When Telling Him What You Want

Hit him with what you think. Let him know how hot you think he is, and that you want him. Flirt. Tell him what you want to do to him (maybe not too graphically, we want to leave something to the imagination). Whisper suggestively. He should get the picture by now.

Now, the Body Language

When the two of you are alone, let him know you want him by touching him, and getting close. Put your arms around his waist, and press your body against his. Touch him, run your hands over his chest, maybe unbutton his shirt a little bit. Go lower if he seems into it. Kiss him. If you want to get really risqué, give him a lap dance. Or, you could just tease him by dancing around sexily, and showing him what he can have. Strip a little bit. He will be hot and bothered for you in no time.

Make Out Time!

Start kissing him deeply. If he kisses back, you are in like Flynn. Kiss him, touch him, rip his clothes off, slam him against the walls, and tackle him. Go toward the bed, the floor, the couch, or just stick with the wall. Success! You can now defile him. Reap the fruit of your efforts.

That is essentially all you need for a successful seduction. Of course, if he declines, don’t force yourself on someone who’s not into you. However, when you talk to him, get him comfortable, and then start confessing your lust for him, there is a 99% chance that he will give into you. It’s sexy when a woman knows what they want and goes for it, you know? Simply remember to be assertive, while still showing that you care about his needs as well. Go get him!