How to choose boots for your leg shapes

Boots are all the rage, and most women think of them as wardrobe must haves. The right pair of boots is more than a fashion statement they are a fashion essential. However, finding the right pair of boots has oftentimes proven difficult. The good news is that there are secrets that will help you find the perfect pair of boots for your leg shapes every time, and we are going to share them with you here today.

Just because it looks amazing on the mannequin does not mean you are going to be able to rock it. I mean, how often have you seen a cute lady really feeling her do in an amazing pair of boots that are in actuality so ill-fitting on her that it makes you physically cringe? It happens, and the last thing you want to do is fall victim to this fashion dilemma too. There are boots out there that will fit everyone despite their calf size, and though you may not get to rock that awesome pair you were eyeballing from the store window, the right pair will look even more amazing.

Thick or muscular calves?

Take ladies with thick or muscular calves for instance. Boots with an elastic or stretchable fabric, leather that gives or laces will give you a little lead-way to readjust as needed and are the perfect solutions. Even boots with buckles that offer room for a bit of adjustment that also have an angled type cut off rather than a straight one will be far more flattering. You want to stay away from straight cutoffs, pull on’s that are difficult to put on and anything that ends where your calves ae the widest. Wrap around straps may also be avoided unless you intend to accentuate the fullness of the area.


If you are on the short side you have options that will actually add the illusion of height. You want heels and wedges. There are platforms and all sorts of fun styles that many other women cannot even consider. Pay attention to the streamline designs and always look for a boot that has a vertical accent. You want the laces and the zippers to keep their eyes moving up and not side to side. Never wear anything with a squared toe, and avoid cuts that look slouchy. Straps are not all that for your body type either.

For a woman with wider feet

Almond and rounded toes are for you. You want a zippered boot that opens all the way to the sole, and look for a heel designed to look slim. Do not go for anything like belts, straps or buckles that are located near the ball of the foot as these will have a broadening effect.

Skinny calves do not have to be the boots arch enemy.

You get to play. Look for buckles, sippers, belts and laces. Anything stretch and moldable to the calves is your friend. Bold colors and three dimensional designs are all the rage too. While ruffles are great, the slouchy look is a no-no. If there is more than one inch of room where the top of the boots meet the calves then that is not an option. Every fashionista knows that boots must fit the calves. Go for slim ankle’s, and couple them with patterned skirts or contrasting tights for an even better look.


Now, one thing that is consistent throughout the boot search is a great fit at the top without making the bottom look manly or unfeminine. Use full length mirrors and look from all angles. Do not look just at the amazing boot, but also look to see if the boot looks amazing on you. After all, an unflattering fit does not discriminate between ugly or amazing boots.