How to Get a Bigger Booty and Hips Naturally

Women want slim bodies but with a bigger booty and hips. Having a curvy look is most women’s dream but there is no need to extremely go for artificial methods which can be risky to undergo and might endanger your health. Using naturally methods to increase the hips and booty are safer posing less risk on your health.
Increase calorie intake

Look out for healthy foods which are high in calories. Keeping to a healthy diet will help you get rid of dangerous health risks such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Some healthy high calorie foods you should consider adding to your diet include olive oil, peanut butter and avocados. To add one pound of body weight you need to get take about 3500 calories. So you can choose to take 500 calories per day to add one pound of weight in a week. This simply means that you take more calories than you burn in your daily diet.

Diet combination that will grow bigger booty and hips
Increase protein intake as they are building blocks for muscles. Adequate intake of proteins is a must but the proteins amino acid configurations should be more or less like that of the body. This is to effect its work in muscle building and increase in the absorption of the protein. Foods with such proteins are eggs, fish, poultry and beans. They will grow your booty bigger.

Increase the intake of mixed nuts because nuts are sources of good fat and they are rich in proteins. They are also rich in minerals and vitamins and antioxidants which give one a good health and helps in muscle building and the hip muscles gain a boost to grow.

Green vegetables are very important as they are primary sources of minerals and vitamins and high dietary fibers. The fibers promote the absorption of nutrients by maintaining a healthy digestive system. It is very important that green vegetables are included in your diet.

Warm up before exercises

Before you start with exercising always warm up so the muscles are not cold as it could lead to injuries. To achieve the desired effects of exercises it is important you warm up so that the muscles are warm. To warm up you can jump rope, jog or walk briskly.

Combined exercises and a favorable diet grow the butt naturally. By exercising it does not mean you have to visit the gym because they are simple exercises which can be done at home.

They are the best as they focus on growing the hip muscle. They accentuate the butt muscle and variation on squatting draw quicker results. Stand with your legs shoulder apart and stretch the hands straight to the front. Bend your knees with the torso straight and up until you get to a 90 degree position and hold. In that position for 5 seconds squeeze in the butt then relax and stand without bending your torso. For starters you can do three sets of five squats and increase them with time.

Side Lunges are effective for the growth of hip muscles. While in a standing position move the legs towards the sides of the torso. The torso should be straight and up while the legs move to the sides keep switching legs for about 10 minutes.

Side leg lifts for exercising the hips. Lie on your side and lift the leg diagonally until you feel the hip muscles stretching. Hold that position of 5 seconds and slowly pull the leg down. Do this in sets of five for each leg they repeat 3 times.

Hot oil massage
Oil massage builds muscles effectively and getting bigger hips can be effected by daily hot oil massage to the hips. The best oils recommended for toning and muscle building include coconut oil, mustard oil and coconut oil. Heat some amounts of oil lightly on a pan and massage on the hips for at least 30 minutes. Hot oil penetrates fast into the skin and offer bigger hips results. Repeat the massage twice daily to achieve the results faster.

Hot bath and sea salt
This is for overweight women trying to sculpture out the curves underneath the excess fat. Sea salts are rich in minerals which reduce fat and sculpt muscles. Mix one cup of sea salt in a half bucker of hot water. Using a thick cotton towel dipped in this solution place it on the muscles you want to tone. Press the towel gently and repeat this for all areas you want to tone and do it for 30 minutes. This will effectively work when done twice a day and also it is advisable to replace regular salt in your diet with sea salt.