How to get bigger booty hips and thighs

You look in the mirror and you want that hourglass shape. You want that booty, those hips, those goddess thighs. You love the way it looks when you shake it on the dance floor, but you’re missing a little “something.” And you really, really like the way your boyfriend looks at you when you wear those leggings that give you an unexpected “booty lift.”

It’s feminine! It’s goddess-like! There are so many women who want bigger butt, hips and thighs, but so few who know what to do about it. There are options, it just depends what kind of bigger set of curves you want, and how fast you want to get them.

First thing’s first: think long and hard about your current body type. If you have a little “extra” and it’s just in the wrong spots, you might want to think about losing weight instead of adding booty. Chisel your sexy body out of the extra fluff, and you’ll see how much hip and butt you already have. Besides, even if you do find out your “sexy inner woman” has a flat tushy, losing the weight for a narrower waist will help you enhance your bigger booty once you build it.

Herbal enhancer kits

They can be expensive, but there are lots of them out there—so they’re either all scams, or some of them actually work! You can get product kits that claim to add fat to your booty in the form of herbal pills or creams. Just do your homework, decide which you want to try, and splurge a little on something you’re serious about! The nice thing about these options is that it requires next to nothing of you.

Things to eat

They say you are what you eat, but you want those cinnamon rolls to go in the right place! Some of the hottest tips to gain your goddess hips are controversial, but if you like some of these foods anyway…why not give it a try and see if you can boost that rump?

Good fats: coconut butter is the best fat for boosting booty, and animal fat is the worst. Cook with coconut butter instead of cow’s butter, and see where that good fat goes.

Carbs: if you eat good carbs, especially fruits heavy in sugar like grapes or pineapple, it can boost insulin to optimal levels to pack the extra sugar on your butt. Careful, though—to much of a good thing can go really, really wrong!


Always nice to share a life lesson from gifs

There are all sorts of exercises you can do to boost your booty, and if you want to add firm flesh instead of fat, this is the only way to go. It’s also the only guaranteed way to gain booty, where through supplements or carb and fat load…you’ll just have to wait and hope.

Squats: all kinds! Try jumping squats, where you sit into squat position, and then fire up your legs! You’ll know your building big, beautiful thighs once you feel that burn.

Wall sits: hunker down into sitting position against a wall, with your back totally straight and your rump and thighs making a parallel to the floor. One…two…three…See how long you can hold it! Then stand up, shake it out, and do it again until you can’t stand it anymore.

Lunges: oh baby. If you want killer thighs, this is the exercise to do. There are variations backward and forward, with and without dumbbells. Find the routine that works for you, and get to work!

Deadlifts: these aren’t just for beefy dudes! If you want to really work that cliff where your butt meets the back of your thigh, try deadlifts for your glutes and hamstrings. You’ll also work your core and lower back, which will tighten you everywhere and draw a sexier contrast with your growing rump.

Bridges: these are a beauty, though you might look a little…suggestive doing them. Lie flat on the floor, then bring your feet up in order to point your knees to the ceiling, shoulder-width apart. Raise your hips slowly and carefully, maintaining your back and core strong. Keep your butt tight, and lower slowly with perfect control of all the muscles you feel engaged. Repeat.

By the way, if you go the workout route to get bigger hips, booty and thighs, don’t forget to eat lots of protein! The big difference between this and other routes to your “full goddess” is that with these exercises, you’re actually adding muscle to your figure.

Before you get to work on any of these options, give yourself a fair assessment of the type of booty, hips and thighs you want, and of your starting point. Especially if you’re arriving to the exercise option, including some activities for weight loss might uncover the sexy hourglass you haven’t even realized you have waiting underneath!