How to Get Supermodel Style on a Budget

Super models look are ever gorgeous in make-up, fashion and hair, and that is how they earn their reputation. You love them, and if you can’t beat them join them. You also want to look gorgeous and make a signature reputation but you do not have the money to get a makeup arts, stylist or designer wear. Relax; all you need is to learn some principles and tricks of the trade to earn a supermodel status.
How do you do it without going overboard with your budget?

1. When not on the runway supermodels have shiny clean hair in a natural style. So this is how you do it, with some inexpensive shine drops add few drops and your hair look will look extra glossy and smooth. Add the shine drops all through the hair working from the ends then blow dry. This can be done on frizzy locks too but be careful because too much of it, makes the hair look greasy and extra precaution should be taken on your hairline. Considering your hair type shop for the type of product compactible with it.

2. Supermodels do not wear designer clothes all the time. No, the art is simple they know how to stylishly combine high street clothes with designer store clothes. For you to pull this look you will need at least two pieces in your wardrobe which can make a statement. Go for what you can afford for example it can be a designer scarf, belt, bag or a pair of shoes among any other. So now you can buy clothes from an online portal or a store which have a designer class touch. Consider a designer look which will complement your wardrobe statement pieces and go for it. If you can afford it why not try the high street clothes which more or less look like runway styles.

3. You think supermodels only look great because of make-up, not really because true beauty lies under the skin. You have to work from the inside to the outside. To attain that glowing skin and a smooth texture, take at least a litre of water daily and plenty of rest. Then know how to use the different shades of concealer where necessary; a darker shade is used on the cheeks and forehead while a lighter shade is for under the eyes. For the cheeks use a highlighter and light dusting underneath. The skin care products on the market help in toning, exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing. For rough areas use a simple white petroleum jelly, that is on your knees, heels and elbows. To attain an overall soft skin, apply the petroleum jelly on the hands and feet then cover with socks and gloves.

4. It is easy to have one favorite perfume but you want that supermodel style. So create a fragrance family for yourself. In the morning wear something light replacing it in the afternoon with something weighty and in the evenings especially night outs wear seductive perfumes.

5. Put it all together. Your bra must be fitting the entire time then combine bright colors with neutral colors. That classic bag can be versatile while the sweaters are neutral, and then combine with the little black dress or any other color which will complement our skin complexion. Let your wardrobe be modern, fun and colorful with less expensive items. Work to achieve a soft skin and the nails should always be neat. There you are, you are a supermodel and you have to maintain your style.

Few points to note:

  • If you cannot afford a designer bag go for a classic designer bag.
  • Wearing that perfect little black dress is good but combine it with a perfect blazer. A blazer with strong shoulders will balance between curvy hips and the rest of the body
  • Wear long pants with a pair of high shoe which you are comfortable in.
  • Whatever style works for you, in terms of clothes and accessories, buy in multiples.
  • Make sure that the accessories you choose bring out your personality. A simple crystal necklace could be a personal fashion statement.
  • Designer dresses can be expensive but some designers are more pocket friendly.