How to Prevent Breakouts of Face from Sweating?

Preventing Clogged PoresIt is no secret that sweat can cause breakouts. However, many people have been under the misconception that this is just something they had to love with. Well, it isn’t. There are some steps you can take to prevent breakouts brought on by sweating.

Sweat mixed with dead cells, oils and toxins in the skin combine to clog pores, and clogged pores leads to breakouts. The thing is to keep those pores clear! Think oil free.

Use oil free make up removers, toners or face washes before exerting yourself in activities that you know will make you sweat. Even sunscreen and moisturizer should be removed, but remember, oil free! After work, exercise or play (after sweating) wash your face thoroughly and follow-up with a good toner.

If you are working out then make sure you are using a clean towel between yourself and any germy equipment. Do not touch your face. Your hands are a haven for oils and germs. Use a clean towel to dab or pat away hair or sweat from your face instead. Never wipe or scrub as that may inflame your face because of irritation. Moisture absorbent clothing will also help. You want your skin to breath, and this will all come together to reduce pore clogging. Be sure you shower as soon as possible after working out or sweating. If you use a salicylic acid scrub or a homemade exfoliation it will help to reduce breakouts and clogged pores.

Watch Your Diet

Avoid caffeine and sugar in large or even moderate amounts. High fructose corn syrup is horrible for the skin. The optimal diet would consist of lean, antibiotic and hormone free meat sources, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Avoid meats that have high concentrations of animal fats.

Fish oil and organic dairy products are great for blemish reduction and skin clarification. Get plenty of fiber. Whole wheat, salad, and multigrain are great for the skin.

Water is a natural skin purifier, and sweat actually cleanses the skin by eliminating waste. You just have to keep it clean as it comes out. Water will help you sweat and rid your skin of these toxins. Eight glasses a day is optimal.

Contrary to popular belief, nuts are great for the skin. So are foods that have high concentrations of alpha lipoic acid and bioflavonoids. Green tea is an excellent choice as an alternative to surgery drinks or caffeine.

More Anti-breakout Tips

Remember, clean, oil free and hands off! Use a good pH balanced soap or cleanser two times a day and after sweating. Try to avoid soaps and harsh chemicals. Do not postpone showers after sweating, and if you cannot shower do cleanse your face.

Working out is excellent for your body, and it can even boost your healthy glow if you take care of your skin. The dermis is an organ, and that organ is exposed, so you have to be that protective barrier between it and the triggers than induce breakouts.