Lemon Juice Diet: The Bitter Taste of Otherwise Sweet Results

lemon juice diet

Lemon juice which is harvested by freshly squeezing lemon fruit and mixing with some filtered drinking water has been scientifically proven to offer a myriad of health and cosmetic benefits. Globally people are now vividly working on their woes by clasping a lemon juice diet. Amidst all the diet’s benefits, here are just to mention but a few that are not necessarily the panaceas of all weight afflictions but alleviators of the same.

  • Lemon juice diet is a detoxifier

Body toxins are responsible for poor digestive systems because they get amassed in the body distracting digestion. By afflicting digestion, the body fails to get the desired essential nutrients necessary for burning excessive fats provoking weight gain.

If a person chooses to adapt this diet, then the digestive system gets rid of toxins as a consequence burning extra body calories.

  • Lemon juice helps liver functions

The liver is vital in the body and lemon juice can help the body work on oxygen and calcium of the liver by regulating carbohydrates levels in the blood. As it is transparently known, the liver helps in digestion which is a key indicative cause of weight acquisition if it is not adequately executed by the body.

What does this lemon Juice diet actually envelop?

The plan is simple and less stressful as compared to other methods of calorie reduction. One has to start a detoxification program for twenty four hours by drinking four glasses of freshly squeezed lemon juice. This takes into accountability drinking lots of water with lemon peels. Lemonade made by adding maple syrup and cinnamon or cayenne pepper for flavoring is also acceptable. Otherwise, pure water with just lemon works just perfectly. During this process, you can eat vegetables, fish, pulses or organic yogurt.

Once detoxification is completed in twenty four hours, you are required to follow a tight lemon juice diet plan for seven days over and over again in seven steps as follows.

Step one: Drink lemon juice first thing every morning and take six to eight glasses of water every day to enhance digestion.

Step two: Eat lots of fruits for up to five servings to win vitamins to the body. The lemon juice should be used in cooking with its peel.

Step three: Eat regularly in small portions foods that are rich in fiber and include the lemon juice in your meals to balance blood sugar.

Step four: Kill sugar by avoiding sugary and processed meals.

Step five: Focus on eating fats from unsaturated sources like fish and nuts. Avoid saturated fats.

Step six: Eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and whole grain ensuring the curb for whole grain is avoided at night to accelerate digestion.

Step seven: Adapt healthy eating habits by allowing adequate chewing, relaxing when eating by sitting, waiting for at least twenty minutes before eating more and ensuring stress is kept at bay.

Points to note:

  • The lemon juice should be taken every beginning of every day.
  • Ensure things like alcohol, red meat and processed foods are avoided.

Let this be your new diet plan. The lemon that you have been ignoring will turn out to be your treasure savour and newly found savior in the weigh related monster issues.