New flavor or old fashioned? Pros and Cons of Sending Valentine’s Day e-Cards?

Sending Valentine’s Day e-Cards

Have the traditional greeting cards become vintage? Sure they have, but who doesn’t love vintage, right?

The technological age has changed the way we do almost everything including the way we send our cards on holidays and special occasions. However, when you get into a holiday like Valentine’s Day the rules that apply can get a little hairy. This is because romance is at the top of the agenda, and a handmade or store bought card usually portrays this far more than an eCard.

No matter how far we advance some things are not meant to be changed, and Valentine’s Day is one of those things. Sending an eCard is ok if you are not super serious about the relationship, and it is definitely better than no card at all, but it is on a scale the equivalent to meeting the parents over Skype rather than in person.

Do not get so busy running around looking for the perfect flower or the best chocolate that you forget the card. It does happen though, and if it does this is where an eCard will be beneficial. They are not a total fail, and a select few even prefer them. It is however up to you to figure out if your Valentine is one of those few.

Do not fall into the trap that suggests that eCards allow you to have the option of really personalizing the content over traditional greeting cards. There are many programs that will allow you to make a physical, vintage greeting card equally as personalized as any eCard. You are not limited to the tech option to have creative freedom. The only thing an eCard does is save you time and money, and usually the person you are sending the card to knows that.

Many people feel that the World Wide Web is taking personalization away from society, and it should not be taken from the holidays as well. One group of women said that they would consider it a bit lazy to receive an eCard as opposed to something that time and thought had to go into. Even in the age of technology traditional beats technological hands down when it comes to matters of the heart.

Now, with all of this being said there is an exception to the rule. If you are being real creative, and your lady or guy is really into the tech scene then maybe it is a good idea. There is something for everyone, right? If you met online or if your Valentine would rather share it on his or her timeline than sit it on the dresser then go for it!

The other exception to the rule is if you are a teenager or tween. Sending eCards are perfectly fine for this type of relationship, and most prefer technology anyway. Sending them a vintage card would be like sending grandma an eCard. It would likely get the “what’s this?” reaction.

Whatever you decide only you truly know in your heart of hearts what your Valentine will appreciate more. No one knows more than you is an eCard will make them feel special or a little cheated. The thing is with vintage, you simply cannot go wrong where with an eCard it is hit or miss in a lot of cases. It is entirely possible that your Valentine will appreciate whatever you send him or her, but why cut them short. After all, you can’t sit an eCard or a text on your dresser as a reminder of the love that you share.