Pros Yes, But What about Cons of Lemon Juice Diet?

Cons of Lemon Juice DietWe are all so accustomed to the grant benefits of lemon juice diet. This is because this diet amazingly pleases the hearts of many across the world due to its proven and experienced positive outcomes on health and beauty. Tips on the diet are now readily available to anyone willing to magically transform his or her live. The advantages are mostly well known. Despite the fact that its skyrocketing usage has brought about myths about its benefits, the benefits still remain impactful and worth talking about. Below are some of the health benefits of this lemon juice diet.

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  • Lemon’s vitamins content

Lemon juice contains vitamins C and B9. Vitamin C is responsible for skin healthiness by repairing collagen which is a substance that makes skin ligaments strong, lively and elastic. When someone has a weak immune system, he must have vitamins C deficiency in the body. Vitamins B9 is responsible for metabolism, generation of red blood cells and helps prevent nervous system problems in babies.

  • Lemon’s mineral content

Lemon juice helps the body generate phosphorous (responsible for strong teeth, bones and helps filtration of waste from blood) and potassium (an electric conductor for relaying impulses from nerves and body fluid movement).

  • Lemon’s alkalizing content

Once digested and absorbed, it alkalizes reducing fluids in the body helping in the paralysis of disease progression like arthritis. It also prevents the growth of disease causing micro-organisms and conducts electricity for nerve impulse transmission.

We can go on and on writing about these benefits. However, just like anything else consumed for human development, the global rule of “Too much of something is poisonous”. You never thought there could be significant disadvantages of lemon juice diet right? Well, here is a chance for you to get enlightened about the potential risks of too much of it.

  • The stomach “ I get upset on too much intake”

The stomach tends to complain since it can retain the acid level for longer periods before being digested further. This may cause irritations of the mucous membranes leading to heartburns and reflux. It is recommended to start the diet with relatively small portions and diluting in water.

  • The mouth and teeth “ We get canker sores and enamel erosion”

Cancer sores can develop despite the fact that lemon prevents infections. This is when the mouth mucous membranes are irritated cracks occur. Diluted versions of lemon juice can prevent this situation. Teeth’s protective enamel can be damaged due to the presence of antimicrobials in the juice. This should be prevented by diluting the lemon juice and ensuring a straw is used while drinking.

  • Body “ Too much potassium is harm’s best friend”

Aside from ensuring all cells, organs and body tissues function accordingly by maintaining a healthy digestive system it can cause diarrhea, nausea, stomach bowels and weak muscles. This is on excessive consumption.

  • Body “ Too much phosphorus also affects part of me”

The best part of phosphorus is that together with calcium your teeth and bones get stronger and stronger. This means after exercise, the pain gets suppressed. It also helps the body use other minerals like zinc and magnesium. However in access, it can cause diarrhea, tissue calcification.