Question: How would you feel if a guy made you wait 90 days before spending cash on you?


Women have their 90 day rule so why attack men for theirs? I will say if it is coming from a good place then I get it, but if he finally decided to pay for the whole dinner and a movie the night of the big bang-dang-diggity then Houston we have a problem. It could also look bad if on the same night that he decides to spring for the check she decided to share a bit more of herself. Either 90 day rule is acceptable, because boundaries are acceptable. They just have to be handled tastefully and thought out.

Some of the ladies out there are clueless to this new social media trend springing from a meme circulating on the Web hence giving birth to the new 90 day rule for men. While it has been a joke for as long as the traditional 90 day rule has existed, it has never been as challenged and played forward as it has today. They do say there is a little truth behind every joke.

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While some women feel this is a low blow in retaliation for their decision to hold off on sex. Others say it clearly shows that a man is only interested in one thing from you because they refuse to treat you if you aren’t giving it up. Most of these women would have no problem paying for their own dinner if then spoken was not so obvious.

What happened to the old days where the girl was supposed to say no and they guy was supposed to take her out on his dime anyways? I mean, a lot of people take turns paying and some even split the bill 50/50, but to say I am not paying if you are not giving it up, that’s just wrong. Maybe you guys should have come up with something a little different.

This new “man rule” is an outright attack on women wanting to preserve themselves until they know if the relationship is meaningful.   I get not lavishing a gal with gifts and expensive dates, but a 2 for $20 at Applebee’s and a movie man, come on!

[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@SweetieBomb”] This new “man rule” is an outright attack on women wanting to preserve themselves until they know if the relationship is meaningful. [/tweetthis]

Don’t sweat it though ladies. Anyone scheavounistic enough to think this is a harmless rule without insult is why we have the 90 day rule in the first place to weed them out. We as women like to be courted, so if that’s not happening there is no 90 day wait either way. If I am digging a guy I doubt that the 90 day rule would stand in 100% positivity anyways. No matter how much I like him I am not hopping in his bed on date 3 though.

I guess I am torn because a man should be able to preserve something but it should not be out of retaliation, which is what this new 90 day rule feels like. While we women use their 90 day rule to make sure we are not being used, some men are using their 90 day rule for the very same reason. That is both acceptable and understandable.


Three months is not a long time, and if we want our wishes respected we have to respect theirs IF they are coming from a good and healthy place. If you both like one another then you will be willing to wait on both ends regardless of where the rule originated or why. If their 90 day rule is shrouded in the “ I’m not givin it up if you’re not” then dump the loser and move forward. At the end of the day it is your decisions based on what is right for you. Only you can draw the line that applies to you.

Remember, your body is your choice, just like his wallet is his. What are your thoughts on the new “90 day rule for men” and why?