Seeing Things Float: Eye-Opening Facts About Eye Floaters

Eye Floaters

Eye floaters, if you have never experienced this phenomenon then you are a part of a rare few. Despite all of the tales surrounding this longtime optical issue they are not orbs or angels. As a matter of fact, what causes eye floaters may actually surprise you. They are certainly not something one would want to take lightly.

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Lets look farther into eye floaters and what they could lead up to, shall we?

Eye floaters may appear out of nowhere, be oddly shaped and they may appear to be very brightly lit though sometimes they may be in color. There is no specific shape for eye floaters, and despite what some tend to say they are not at all optical illusions. Eye floaters are all too real, and they can be followed by some all too real consequences.

When we see eye floaters there is actually something viable happening. It could be one of several things. For instance, it could be a piece of the vitreous breaking off from the back of our eye and then actually floating randomly throughout inner eyeball. This is a gel type liquid located between the retina and the lens. This is also the gel that aids our eyes in maintaining their round shape. Vitreous is made of 99% water.

Eye floaters happen more as you age. While some teens may experience eye floaters it is rarely the same thing as those adults experience. For real eye floaters to happen there must be eye deterioration to some degree.

When young people experience eye floaters it is an entirely different thing. Their floaters may come across as being more crystal than light. They are coming from above the retina from the area of the Premacular Bursa. The humor in it all is that if eye floaters were not in motion our brain would tune them out altogether. We may not know it, but our brain is constantly tuning matter out that are in the eye and the vessels of the eye.

When our pupils dilate to a small proportion then we can see the floaters much better. This means when we look at the sky for instance we may see eye floaters especially immediately after we look away. The perception of these eye floaters is scientifically referred to as myodesopsia.

The only time that you should be truly concerned with eye floaters is if you suddenly and out of the blue see lot of them. They may or may not be accompanied by light flashes. This could mean that your retina is detaching from the back of your eye which could lead to permanent blindness. Another risk is that floaters could actually cause damage to the retina by pulling on it and eventually becoming detached. Around 50% of the population will have detachment to some degree by the time they turn 80 years old, and those who are nearsighted have a greater chance of having a vitreous detachment.

There are surgical procedures to eliminate or relieve eye floaters. Over time they take their tole on our inner eye, so getting it taken care of is a good idea. Taking care of your eyes is essential. We depend on our vision but it is often taken for granted. Taking care of your eyes not will help to secure more independence in the future.

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Never take eye floaters for granted, and this is especially true if they are accompanied by flashes. Once the retina tears and dies it is gone forever. If you or someone that you love are experiencing eye floaters then do not hesitate to make an appointment with your eye doctor today.