Seven Benefits of an Ice Facial

A beauty trend that is quickly becoming a favorite is the ice facial. What exactly is an ice facial? An ice facial is relatively simple to do, inexpensive, and can be done in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is gently run an ice cube or icy water all over your face, neck, and décolletage. Not only are ice facials invigorating, they can be highly beneficial for your skin as well. When done on a routinely basis, you will notice firmer and smoother skin and who doesn’t want that?

Keep reading to find out the seven benefits of an ice facial.

  1. It reduces any puffiness and tightens the skin. It’s often recommended that you place a cold compress on your eyes to reduce any swelling or puffiness. It’s the same concept for your face when you perform an ice facial. The cold constricts the skin and also tightens pores, giving you smoother looking and tighter feeling skin. Running an ice cube or even splashing your face with icy cold water will achieve the same results.
  2. There will be a decrease in redness. Ice is touted to be great for reducing redness. As the cold constricts the blood vessels, it diminishes inflammation and swelling because less blood reaches the surface of the skin. This is great for those days when you have a large, swollen blemish. You can take an ice cube and hold it on your blemish for 30 to 45 seconds or until the area feels slightly numb. Do this every other night to reduce the sizes and the amount of blemishes you have.
  3. Your products are better absorbed. Since your skin isn’t as inflamed or swollen, your products have a better chance of absorbing any topical products you apply. Pores will also gradually become unclogged since the inflammation will be reduced. You can even create beauty ice cubes specified for your skin type to bring added benefits for your ice facial. Add ingredients such as jojoba or almond oil, green tea, or even herbs such as chamomile and mint into your ice cube tray with water to freeze. Your skin will absorb these ingredients as you perform your ice facial. Play around with different mixes to find the ultimate solution best suited for your skin. Again since your skin isn’t as inflamed, it will drink everything up.
  4. It’s a wrinkle reducer. While only surgery can permanently remove wrinkles, ice facials are a great way to prevent and ease signs of wrinkles. Again, due to the cold, your skin will tighten and firm up. It will make you appear more youthful.
  5. You can use it as a pre-primer for makeup. Icing your face can act as a toner for your face. It will constrict your pores, making them look smaller and help to make your skin application look smooth and flawless. All you need to do is ice your face and then apply your favorite primer. You will notice all your products will go on smoother.
  6. There is less production of oil. For those with oily skin, ice facials are a must try. Since pore size can be reduced with frequent use, the amount of sebum and excess oil is also prevented. All you need is to take an ice cube or two and place it in a face cloth and gently smooth it over your face until it melts. Never place an ice directly on your face right from the freezer as it can break delicate capillaries.
  7. It’s the ultimate refresher. Had a long party? Or maybe you’re even hung over. Washing your face with some icy water or running an ice cube on your face will wake you up along with tightening that tired skin you earned from the night before.