Seven Critical Tips on How to be Submissive to Your Man

being submissive to your man

Submissive is often linked to a negative connotation. However, being submissive does not mean you are a weak-minded individual. For those of us who prefer to be submissive in the bedroom do it by choice. They trust their partner fully and in essence give themselves both physically and spiritually. This does not mean your partner takes advantage of what is given. It also doesn’t mean that your partner completely dominates your life and all makes all your choices in and out of the bedroom. You can have your partner make your choices for you in the bedroom but when it comes to everyday normal life, you are still a strong, independent woman who is capable of making her own decisions.

For some women, they may want to be submissive to their man in the bedroom, but have no idea how to do so. There is no one true way to be submissive. In essence, one partner does need to be more dominant in the bedroom but learning how to be submissive can be a gradual process. So don’t get all worked up if things aren’t going to how you planned in your mind. Instead just feel the process out and see where the journey takes you.

Here are seven critical tips on how to be submissive to your man.

  1. Speak with your partner about it. If you both are interested in this type of relationship dynamic, then you both need to communicate what you like and don’t like or if the process is going too fast for your liking. Take things slow. Also make sure to talk to your partner and let him know that you enjoy satisfying his needs and that it really turns you on when he is the dominant party during sex.
  2. Trust your partner completely. You will never be able to fully give in to your submissiveness if you do not fully trust your partner. I would say to tread the waters carefully if you are not up to that trust level yet.
  3. Create a safe word. If things are getting to heavy and making you uncomfortable, make sure you have a safe work that will protect the both of you. You both must make sure you know what the safe word is. By creating one, you have quick and efficient way to stop things before they go too far.
  4. Be open to trying new things. If you want your partner to be in charge, you can’t refuse all the new things he wants to try. This again goes back to trust. You need to trust that whatever your partner wants to do is not just for his sole satisfaction but for yours as well.
  5. Let him know what experiences get you hot. Even when you’re out of the bedroom, send him a steamy text telling him what really got you hot and heavy and how you can’t wait to be his sub again later tonight.
  6. Make sure your partner still respects you. This is critical. Your partner should make sure you are comfortable the whole time. This can mean asking you a quick question of if you’re all right or by giving you a loving kiss in the middle of it. In the end he needs to ultimately understand that you are giving him control and he is not taking it from you.
  7. Know it’s ok if you don’t like being submissive. If you tried it out for a while and still don’t like the fact that you are not in charge, then that’s all right too. Again just communicate with your partner how you feel and go from there.