What to Talk About on a First Date With a Guy You Already Know

Some would say that you are in a privileged position going on a first date with someone you are friends with. Unlike the majority of first dates, you are already familiar with each other so those nerves about whether or not the person is really going to like you have been immediately eliminated. However, you still want to make it fun and official that you are actually dating now so during the date you need to make sure that you have transitioned from friends, to lovers.

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The date should be intense and exciting by picking your date up from her home and being traditionally romantic by turning up with a rose. You will also need to make sure that you take your girlfriend to a location that you’ve never been before. During the date your conversation will flow a lot easier because you already know each other; however, you should avoid having the type of conversation that you are used to. Friends act like friends, and lovers act like lovers so there is going to be a side to your new partner that you are unfamiliar with and this is who you want to get to know. Here are some conversation ideas:

Your Dreams: Contrary to popular belief, women don’t want to talk about themselves all night. They also want to know what’s happening in your life and better yet what you have planned for the future. By opening up in this way you are revealing another layer of who you are.

Compliment Her: This is probably one thing you’ve never done when you were friends. Now that you have decided to become an item tell her how great she looks. Don’t give her a dull compliment such as “you look good.” Take it a step further by complimenting her dress or her hair. You could say something along the lines of “the color of your dress really brings out your beautiful eyes.” Women love to it when their partners notice the effort they’ve made, it makes them feel appreciated.

Talk About the People Who Have Impacted Your Life
Both of you are going to know people who have positively impacted your life. This is a great conversation to have because it lets you both know the kind of qualities that you most value in people.

Talk About the Transition
Both of you have a reason for why you decided to take the relationship further than friendship. Talk about this, you can both let each other know why you are attracted to each other.

Goals and Ambitions
The majority of people want to do more than just live and die. You can make this discussion even more interesting by asking what are the most important things you would like to achieve before dying.

Ask About Your Morning Routine
As friends you’ve probably never been around each other first thing in the morning and so have no ideas what your mornings are like. What someone does first thing in the morning is a huge indication of their overall character. Someone who rolls out of bed half an hour before work and then rushes all over the place trying to get it together is not very well organized and probably quite unstable. However, a person who wakes up early, meditates, exercises and plans their day is probably much more stable and organized.

Share Memories: Share experiences with your new partner that stand out as great memories. This is a great way of letting each other know what you value in life and relationships.

Second Date: Even though you already know each other, you don’t want to have one first date and then go back to chilling as friends. You want to continue to get to know each other as lovers so initiating a conversation about where you would like to go on a second date is an indication that you really desire to take the relationship seriously.

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Expectations: As a friend this is probably one of the conversations that you never got into because you didn’t need to. Talking about your expectations in a relationship is a way of setting boundaries for both of you. Even though you know each other as friends, your relationship has now taken on another dimension.

Don’t Talk About Marriage and Kids: When friends start dating they can often get carried away thinking that because you are already know each other it would be easy to slip into the role as husband and wife. This thought process is something that you want to avoid, friends or not, a man is still a man and a woman is still a woman and you might scare each other if you start talking about making the relationship permanent when you don’t even know whether or not you are compatible as boyfriend and girlfriend.