Which Recipe Did Beyonce Use For Her Lemon Juice Diet?

Lemon juice diet has become very popular due to its amazing results. Beyonce an RnB singer confirmed on Oprah’s show to using it to lose nine kilograms for her role in the Dream girl’s movie in 2006. This diet’s recipe was first created by Stanley Burroughs in the year 1940 which is meant to clean the body off accumulating toxins and congestions. It has gained popularity due to the book written by Peter Glickman by the name “Lose weight, Have More Energy and be happier in 10 days”.

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The diet increases energy levels, reduces weight and prevents some diseases. Here is the recipe used for one serving.

  • Purified water.
  • Two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Lime juice is also usable. This is a proximately half a lemon.
  • Two tablespoons of maple syrup which equates to one ounce.
  • A tenth teaspoon or cayenne pepper or the amount you can handle.

The recipe for a full day juice is:

  • Five freshly squeezed lemons.
  • One and a quarter cup of maple syrup. Ensure it is Grade B and organic.

The concussion is then mixed ready for drinking. It should not be stored in a fridge for freshness purposes. The lemons have to be fresh and alternatives are not recommended. Never stop any medication given by a doctor in the name of this diet. Consult your doctor first.

Sea salt water can be taken along the lemon juice. It is supposed to cleanse the colon. It is normally intense and uncomfortable. Some people don’t opt to do the flash. It causes imbalances in bacteria that could harm the digestive system. You can start with two teaspoons in water then gradually add according to the effect. There are usually episodes of diarrhea that follow the drinking. You should only drink it when you are not leaving the house. High fiber rich diet also helps in cleansing the digestive system.

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There are a number of stages that are followed in the diet and are according to days which sum up to seven. During stage one which is day one glucose is pulled from the muscles causing some weakness due to the juice. Here, nausea, dizziness, headaches, bad breathe, heavily coated tongue are the symptoms of the cleansing.

The second stage comprises of burning of fatty acids to glycerol which is converted to glucose. Oiliness of the skin is witnessed as the oils are purging out. Some people can develop pimples for a few days. One feels very hungry, pain in lungs and mucus gets out through nose or even throat.

The third day is the healing process and energy can be witnessed. On the fourth day the body adapts the fasting process and this is seen in the tongue becoming pink and the mind starting to work very fast due to the newly found balance. The fifth which is the last day is used to break the first and when meals are taken, the body can repel by diarrhea and vomit.

The diet is however very effective and as a good example, Beyoncé stood a chance.