Yes or No: Would You be Upset If Your Date Paid For Dinner With A Coupon?

dinner date

We asked a few women how they would answer this question and here’s what they said:


“Of course I would be upset! If he uses a coupon on a first date it means he’s totally cheap and doesn’t think I’m worth a full-priced dinner. Maybe if he whipped out a coupon on a later date when we’ve already made first impressions, I’d be okay with it. But a first date? I don’t think so.”


“If he needs to use a coupon so he doesn’t have to awkwardly ask me to split the check, that’s fine with me. I know it’s old-fashioned but I love when a guy pays on a date.”


“I’d be a little surprised but definitely not mad. Using a coupon shows me that this guy is authentic. The economy these days isn’t great and he’s not afraid to reveal that he’s a little strapped for cash. And honestly, if you have a coupon for something, why not use it? Who cares who sees? And maybe he’ll use the money he saves on dinner to pay for my cab ride home or flowers or something. Using a coupon doesn’t mean he doesn’t think you’re worth the money, it just shows that he’s conscious of his finances.”


“I’d be worried that he’s one of those “extreme couponers” like the ones on TV. Needless to say there would not be another date after that.”


“If he uses a coupon on a date with you it means he’s comfortable with you. He wouldn’t risk looking silly or cheap with a girl he trusts. I’d be flattered if a guy used a coupon, it could signal that he’s really into me.”


“I’m college so I know what it’s like to be low on cash. I’d rather have the guy use a coupon than have him not ask me out at all!”


“If he can’t even pay full price for our first date, how will I know he won’t try to cut financial corners later in our relationship. Will he buy me a plastic engagement ring? Or insist we honeymoon at his parents’ house? Using a coupon on a first date is definitely a tip-off to future relationship behavior.”


“I’d rather him just ask my to split the check or something. I don’t expect a guy to always pay for date. It’s the 21st century!”


“It would be refreshing to know that he’s careful with his finances. Using a coupon shows that he’s mature and knows how to spend and save money. A very attractive quality in an adult man!”


“Who cares? As long as the date was good I don’t care how he pays for it.”