Yikes: Poop on your thong: A Lesson in proper wiping technique

poop on thong

I am no expert on thongs, but it is quite obvious that nothing will kill the moment quicker than your man trying to be frisky and attempting to remove your thong and finding that unsightly poop spot smack dab in the middle of what should have been one of the most sexiest spots. Well, nothing but maybe a stench from a bacterial infection from the uncleanliness in the area.

Evidently ladies, this is a common issue that a lot of women seems to face, and some “experts” are even convinced that a woman cannot go do the do without having some poop evidence being left behind. Lets not even consider who decided to study this in a world full of things that need to be studied or the people who offered their feedback and focus instead on the findings.

It is believed and accepted by many as just being the way it is regardless of how many times you wipe, but that is just not the case.

Grab yourself some flushable wipes for home and on the go. If you are prone to infections in your most sensitive areas make sure that you are purchasing a product for women with sensitive pH balances. These are going to be step one of your two step to clean. It is an easy to use regimen that will keep you fresh, and you will surprisingly feel more confident as well. There is just something about being truly clean that does that to a woman.

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This is important, poopity pants or not. Wipe from to back. This is not only far more sanitary, but it also reduces the risk of severe vaginal infections from feces contamination. I mean, think about it, if you do not want poop on your thong you certainly do not want it in your vag-jay-jay. Use tissue first until you think you are clear, then use your wipes and follow up with tissue to dry. You have to be thorough, but I guarantee that this will do the job and you will get through the day poopless, in your thong anyways.

I don’t know about you, but if I go to someones house and they do not have both tissue and wipes, I am a little grossed out.

Look, this has to do with a lot more than keeping your boyfriend turned on and your panties pretty. Good feminine hygiene is passed on to our children, and without it a number of serious infections can occur down below. This, and bad habits, are the last things you want to pass along, so take the time and spend a few extra dollars a month to make sure you are the cleanest clean that you can be.

Bacterial vaginosis is one that makes a yeast infection seem like a cake walk, so make sure that when you do the do you do it well and keep it clean. If you have pop in your panties you need to work on the wiping strategy a little more, and one of the main places I would recommends starting is with the wipe/tissue regimen. It is foolproof, or should I say, it is poop-proof!


Please note that if wipes are not specified to be flush friendly you should never flush them, however, that is another story entirely. Remember, a clean tush is a happy tush.