3 Reasons Being A Tease Is The Secret To Winning A Man

Women often hear that men hate teases. While this may be true, being a tease is actually a great way for women to win the man of their dreams. It may be hard to believe, but being a tease makes a woman appear a certain way to man, and even though men claim a tease is not worth their time, they can’t help but put in the work to finally win the girl. If you want to win the man of your dreams, a few simple things can be done to reach your goal.

Here are 3 reasons being a tease is the secret to winning a man.

  1. It will make you more desirable.

People love to think about what they cannot have. The same goes for a man when he wants a woman. Oftentimes, when a woman decides to tease a man, he will think about all the things he wants to do to her but can’t. This will make you seem more desirable and he will want you more simply because he can have you. Little does he know, you may want him just as bad and it is only a matter of time until you both can finally have each other in the way that you want.

  1. Makes you appear smarter and respectable.

Women who don’t give it up right away may appear smarter and more respectable to some men. This does not mean that women who choose to indulge in physical activity when first meeting someone are easy or do not respect themselves, but it is not unusual for a man to assume such a thing about a woman. Not every man may feel this way, so a woman should use her discretion when deciding when it is appropriate to sleep with a man, but keep in mind that being a tease may be the best option, as you appear smarter and more respectable to a man when you do so.

  1. Creates an emotional connection.

It is not uncommon for two people to engage in physical activity before establishing an emotional connection with one another. While it is okay for two people to get physical with one another when they first meet, it may not be the best decision. For some women, they are looking for a life partner, not just a one-night stand. When making the decision to sleep with someone when first meeting them, a man may question what exactly it is you are looking for. There is nothing wrong with a one-night stand, but if you are expecting a man to see you as a potential life partner, you may want to hold out on the physical relationship and establish an emotional connection first.


Being a tease isn’t always a bad thing. Men may not enjoy when women lead them on or make them work for her affections, but in the end, everyone will be happy with the outcome, especially if both people feel as though they have ended up with the person of their dreams.