10 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Her Man Before Getting Married!

Marriage is a BIG step in any language for both men and woman!

Deciding to get married has to be a choice thus meaning you do not decide to get married on a spur of the moment kind of thing or just because it sounds like fun. Once you have gone through the dating in addition to the courting stages and you are comfortable beyond a doubt that you want to spend the rest of your existence with this one person you have to ask your man these questions.

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  • How are things going to change between us after marriage? This is important to know as you both will inevitably change not only by appearance but also in personality. What happens when people go through difficult times, having children or changing jobs as well as having to move to a different state? Change happens within us and this can either be good or bad depending on the support received by those you live with.
  • Do you really want ME or is it the idea you want to marry? Woman dream from a young age about this day, but do men? No they usually don’t but they do dream of a perfect marriage and life. You need to be sure that it’s not all about their dreams!
  • What was your parents’ marriage like? This is important due to the fact that woman either idolize their fathers or want a man the total opposite whereas men learn from their fathers how to treat a woman and this will only be revealed once you are married.
  • Children, do you want any and how many would you like to have? Not all men want children and there are many woman who do not want kids either therefore it is important to know ahead of time whether you and your partner both want kids and also how many kids will be planned for.
  • How involved will your family be in our marriage? This can sometimes break a marriage as in-laws might be constant thorns when it comes to kids or family traditions. If your partner grew-up in a family with extremely tight family ties and you have not this will take a lot of time to adjust to and does not always work out.
  • What would you like to change in me? Once married the relationship between couples becomes more complex and things that might not have seem important before tend to turn into important aspects. Woman and men alike mostly change due to friction and change could turn out to be the scissor that cuts the bond.
  • Does your past hold any drugs, addictions or family disorders? If there are some issues that you were not aware of you need to think very hard about the relationship as you will never be able to change a person with bad habits. Therefore you have to be able to accept the persons past and know that it might surface in the future so be prepared to life with it.
  • How will you react in a fight or argument? While dating people tend to mask the real self and you might meet a whole new person once the marriage has been sealed. So be sure of any aggressiveness, need to be in control or things you might not want to handle.
  • Do you want my input in all aspects? If your partner feels that certain aspects do not need your approval or consideration it might end up in unwanted conflict. Like where to life, what schools the kids will attend and many more.
  • The wedding ceremony, what would you like? Once the decision is made and the planning starts it is wise to include your partner and get their opinion as they are also getting married not just you. You might want something extravagant where your partner would prefer something more romantic and selective like a beach wedding.

It is always important to be open and honest as to ensure a long and happy marriage. Marriage is a lifetime commitment and should be a thorough process from meeting, getting to know each other, being engaged to ending in a wedding. You must want to spend every waking moment for the rest of your life until eternity with that person as well as want to have kids with them. After all, marriage is not to be taken lightly.