5 Decisions your Children Will Thank You for When They Grow Up

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When we are younger, we often do not have the capacity to see the bigger picture, or understand the consequences that our actions could have in the future. Here are five decisions you make that your children will appreciate when as they grow older.

Not Letting Them Hang with the Wrong Crowd

When you are younger, it can be enticing to hang with the ‘cool’ people that do, say, and smoke whatever they want, and get all of the good-looking guys/girls. However, if you look at this group, and determine that they are likely going nowhere special in life, you should express this to your child. Most likely, you will be right, as you have been there. Your girl will appreciate you when those cool girls ended up with two children before college, and your boy will appreciate you when those cool guys turned out to be junkies still working at Pizza Hut at age 38. Let’s face it, people can be impressionable at any age, and friends are a huge source of the impressions. Your child will thank you for not letting them be influenced by the wrong influences.

Caring a Little Too Much

It may be embarrassing for a child if you hg, or love on them in public, or if you always want to know where they are, and know the parents of the people who are where they are. However, your children will later be glad that you cared enough to protect them, and show them that you love them. So many terrible things happen in the world because parents did not pay enough attention to their children, or care enough about what they did. Show your kids all the love you can. They will understand in time.

Telling Them “No”

Sure, it’s a word that kids hate to hear, but both of you will appreciate it in the long run. Kids who always get what they want never learn to value anything. They may also turn out to value only material items, which could lead to a perpetually unhappy life of always wanting more, more, more. Your children will be grateful that they are not being ruled by their need for the best things if you simply teach them what is asking too much, and what is not. It is a fortune to be someone who does not ask for, or need, much to be happy.


Being Their Confidant

Kids don’t always want to talk to their parents about things they are going through, as it may be awkward. Especially where puberty, and the birds and the bees are concerned. However, your kids will later appreciate that they had someone to talk to, for emotional support. Growing up is tough, no matter how good the circumstances, and we all need someone to lean on! Your kids will thank you for encouraging them to come to you.

Some parents go overboard with this, and that is not what this article is encouraging you to do. What you should do is teach them at an earlier age what they will soon be learning, such as times tables, reading, etc. Young children who learn things ahead of time often have an easier time progressing through school, and maybe even a higher I.Q. than average for their age. It is possible that the child will reject it, but more likely, they will be proud that you instilled the thrill and importance of knowledge in them at an early age.


Choosing to do these things as your child is maturing can have a great positive impact on them later, even if they express disappointment with it at the time. If you feel that it is the right thing to do, ignore their protests and know that they will love you for it when they are old enough to understand.