5 Sure-fire signs you might be a side chick

Are you the side chick?

Maybe you are over-thinking it, maybe something fishy has been happening with your guy lately. Whatever the case, you are probably wondering if you’re suspicious for no reason or if you have cause for legitimate concern. You probably don’t want to end up accusing him without reason though, naturally, but here are some big signs that you might be his mistress instead of his number one:

1.    He only shows up at certain times. Maybe he only shows up late at night, maybe he has some reason that he can only see you on Tuesdays, but most of the time he only sees you at very specific and regular times. This can be a signal that he is only coming to see you when his girlfriend (or wife) is out of the house, asleep, or has some kind of routine engagement that makes him able to come see you. This can also happen in the sense that he will only meet you certain places, or wants to keep you away from his house.

2.    Your relationship seems primarily based on sex. Most of the time, a relationship consists of so much more than just sex, but if you’ve noticed that you and he only seem to be getting down and dirty…it might be time to question why. A lot of the time, a guy who has a girl on the side will only be interested in her for sexual purposes, as he’s getting the rest of the relationship from someone else. So if you and he only seem to be horizontal together, you may have cause for some concern.

3.    You don’t get quality gifts. Alright, so hear me out on this one. It may seem kind of strange, but most of the time if a guy is cheating, his guilt will lead him to give expensive and thoughtful gifts to his primary significant other, so you get the leftovers and things that don’t seem as special. Of course, you have to know your guy to say on this one. If he works a minimum wage job or lives in a studio apartment, he might not have the dough to give expensive gifts anyway. But if he has a seemingly successful job and you still only get a knick-knack, he’s probably more worried about giving good gifts to his wife.

4.    He isn’t emotionally there for you. In a relationship, it’s an emotional investment on both of your parts. And if he’s cheating on you, he won’t want to be as invested in you as he is his primary girl. So if he always tends to blow off your emotions and never seems to be real with you, it might be time for a conversation about why that is.

5.    Doesn’t like showing you off. This can come in a variety of ways, but often times it means he doesn’t like taking you in public, or doesn’t like taking you around to meet his friends. If he doesn’t like taking you his favorite places, then it’s time to ask why. And even if you end up not liking his friends, he should have some kind of desire to introduce you to them, so if he wants to keep you hidden, then it’s time to start questioning.

It sucks feeling like you aren’t getting his primary attention, because you deserve someone that will love you and will be proud of who you are. If he does these things, or a number of others, it’s high time you had a conversation with him about the truth of his life.