Male Bonding: Why do Men Need Guy Time?

When two people are in love, they decide to share their lives together and get married. However, there may be a misunderstanding later, especially when the man wants to leave his wife for a while and go be with his friends. This is one of the biggest reasons why men and women fight because the women cannot understand why it is their men want to be with their best male pals once in a while. What women need to understand is that it’s nothing personal, but just like they need time to be with their girlfriends, men need time with their buddies too, and here’s the reasons why.

Men Need the Chance to Express Themselves

Sometimes when men and women are together, the man is very aware that words can be hurtful even if they are not intended to be. Men can sometimes be very closed mouth about some things, which may make their wives or girlfriends unhappy, but they prefer to be silent than to be insulting. However, when men are around their buddies, they tend to let loose and express themselves in ways they do not at home, which can make them feel a lot less tense or stressed out.

Men Need to Laugh and Have Fun

Everyone has their own idea of what fun is, but sometimes men and women have very different ideas, which can lead to women doing things that are fun, but the menfolk are bored to death. With spending time with their male friends, men can do what they really do consider fun whether its bowling, darts, going to the batting cages, or anything else that men consider having a great time. Women may think the mall is fun, but men may want to head outdoors to play basketball, which is going to let them run around, burn of energy, and have a lot of fun.

Men Need to Bond with Other Men

Men do need male bonding, and the reason is because it’s a proven fact that men do need to bond with other men in order to feel safe and secure. Feeling secure is essential in any relationship because without feeling secure, men may start to feel like the world is against them, which can trickle down into their relationships. Believe it or not, men need to get away, and be with other men, and that time can actually improve their relationships because they will bond with other men, feel safe and secure, which can settle men down and make them calmer and happier overall.

Men Need A Place to Complain

When women get together with other women they complain about the men in their lives, and men do the exact same thing. In this safe place to complain, men can get a lot of things off their chests, and have a good laugh about it with other men who are in the same predicament.

Men and women are very different, and because they are, they have their own special needs in order to be with one another. Women need time to be with their girlfriends, but what women need to understand is that men need their own friends for male bonding. Why do men need time with their friends? The truth is that men need to be around members of their own gender for a number of different reasons including the fact they get to complain, have a good time, and most importantly, bond with other men who are in relationships too. Men need to feel safe and secure, and the only way to get it is with other men bowling, drinking beer, or other activities that allow them to have a good time.